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1785-L80E Ser E, Series E, Rev E

Description:  The Allen-Bradley 1785-L80E is an Allen-Bradley PLC5 Controller. This controller has 100K words of user memory, supports 3072 (any mix) or 3072 in + 3072 out (complementary). It has embedded communication ports such as Two (2) DH+/Remote I/O (Adapter or Scanner) One (1) serial port, configurable for RS-232 and 423 and RS-422A standards and One (1) Ethernet communication port.

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About 1785-L80E/E

The 1785-L80E Series E controller is a classic programmable controller that has been designed and distributed by Allen-Bradley. This controller can be used in applications that feature centralized control or in different systems that have been designed for a specific distribution channel. Before choosing this controller, make sure to determine the exact control strategy and the features that are needed in the application that the controller is intended for. The Allen-Bradley 1785-L80E Series E programmable controller comes with an Ethernet communication port. The maximum user memory of this controller is 100K words and it comes with 3072 I/O points. It has 1 Ethernet channel and 2 DH+/remote I/O. The remote I/O requires the use of 1770-CD cables and the Belden 8342 cable (or equivalent) for serial ports. This controller has a power dissipation rating of 19 Watts and a backplane current load of 3.6 Amps.

The Allen-Bradley 1785-L80E Series E programmable controller has a scanner mode that enables the processor to gather data from the node adapters that are connected to a shared rack and support the complementary I/O configurations. The front panel of the Allen-Bradley 1785-L80E Series E programmable controller has a battery indicator, force indicator, and a communication status indicator and different communication channels. Before installing the controller, an I/O chassis must be installed and prepared along with the power supply. Once these 2 steps have been completed, the LC-5 programmable controller can be installed. The 3 indicators will light up when communication is established when the battery voltage is low, and when the ladder program is powered up. The recommended operating temperature for the Allen-Bradley 1785-L80E Series E programmable controller goes from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. The power consumed by the 1785-L80E-E Series E controller is 3.6 Amps at 5 Volts DC and the maximum power dissipated during operation is 18.9 Watts. The controller's weight is 1.39 kilograms. The operating temperature range is 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit at 0  to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing).

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Non-Operating Temperature::IEC 60068-2-1 (Test Ab, Un-packaged Nonoperating Cold), IEC 60068-2-2 (Test Bc, Un-packaged Nonoperating Dry Heat), IEC 60068-2-14 (Test Na, Un- packaged Nonoperating Thermal Shock): –40...85 o C (– 40...185 o F)
Operating Temperature::EC 60068-2-1 (Test Ad, Operating Cold), IEC 60068-2-2 (Test Bd, Operating Dry Heat), IEC 60068-2-14 (Test Nb, Operating Thermal Shock): 0...60 o C (32...140 o F)
Maximum number of I/O per link::32
Maximum Number of I/O Racks::93
Memory::100 KWords
Embedded Communication interfaces::4 DH+/Remote I/O (Adapter or Scanner) 1 serial port, configurable for RS-232 and 423 and RS-422A standards
Backplane current load::3.3A
Power Dissipation::17.3W
Power Supply::1771-P4S, -P6S, -P4S1, -P6S1
Product Type::Programmable Logic Controller
Product Family::PLC5
Part Number/Catalog No.:1785-L80E
Module Type:Ethernet PLC-5 Processor
Max User Memory Words:48 Kilowords
Battery-Backed Static RAM:Yes
EEPROM Program Backup Option (using 1785-ME16, -ME32, -ME64, and -M100):Yes
Protected Memory:No
Max Total I/O:3072 (any mix) or 3072 in + 3072 out (complementary)
Max Analog I/O:2048
I/O Scan Time Per Rack:10 ms at 57.6 kbits/s, 7 ms at 115.2 kbits/s, 3 ms at 230.4 mbits/s
Max I/O Chassis Extended Local:0
Max I/O Chassis Total:65
Max I/O Chassis Universal Remote:64
RS-232-C/422-A/423- A Ports:1
Control Coprocessor Expansion Port:Yes