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1756-L62 Ser B, Series B, Rev B


The 1756-L62 controller is a standard type of industrial controller manufactured by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation in the ControlLogix series.  It supports lithium battery backup and the lithium battery can be replaced when necessary. The 1756-L62 standard controller can connect to 250 controllers at a time, and it can perform 32 tasks at a time with up to 100 programs per task.

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About 1756-L62/B

The 1756-L62 Series B module is an Allen-Bradley processor module and it features a fixed memory of 2, 4, or 8 MB. This processor module comes with non-volatile memory, and it has a maximum I/O count of 128,000. The Allen-Bradley processor module features a relative compatible humidity range of 5 to 95% without condensation and with a maximum analog I/O count of 4000 inputs and 2000 outputs. The Allen-Bradley processor module features a backplane current of 1.2 Amps at 5 Volts DC while at 24 Volts DC, the backplane current is rated at 14 milliamps. The 1756-L62 Series B module weighs 0.71 pounds while the vibration resistance frequency range is from 10 to 500 Hertz.

The 1756-L62 Series B processor module is designed to provide users with increased performance with a high productivity level. It features a high level of security that is designed to meet the growing demands of smart machines and sophisticated manufacturing equipment. This Allen-Bradley processor modules have the ability to manage integrated motion over the EtherNet/IP network for ensuring a high-speed motion application with the SIL2/PLd and the SIL3/PLe safety solutions. These modules are ideal for applications that require a high-performance communication I/O and motion control for over 256 axes. The 1756-L62 Series B processor module has been built to integrate seamlessly into the Logix platform for the multi-axis integrated motion control. To ensure greater application flexibility, the 1756-L62 Series B processor module features a compact size. It comes with the peak enhancement configuration for supporting motion applications that require fast acceleration and deceleration.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1756-L62
Fixed Memory:2, 4, or 8 MB
Module Type:Processor Module
Nonvolatile Memory:Compact Flash Card 1784-CF128
Maximum I-O:128,000
Communication:RS-232 serial port
RS232 Protocols:ASCII DF1 full/half-duplex DF1 radio modem DH-485 Modbus via logic
Maximum Analog I-O:4,000
Program Scan Time:0.08 milliseconds
User Memory:4MB
Backplane Current (5Volts DC):1.2 Amps
Backplane Current (24 Volts DC):14 milliamps
Weight:0.71 pounds (0.32 kilograms)
Vibration:10-500 Hertz
Relative Humidity:5-95 percent
Battery:1756-BA1, 1756-BATM or 1756-BATA
Full Support:Programming Languages