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1761-NET-ENI Ser B, Series B, Rev B

Description:  1761-NET-ENI is an Allen-Bradley Ethernet Interface module for MicroLogix, CompactLogix and DF1 Protocol enabled devices to communicate over an Ethernet network. This interface module has an 8-Pin Mini DIN RS-232 port and a single Ethernet communication port. It is powered by a 24VDC voltage supply.

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About 1761-NET-ENI/B

The Allen-Bradley Series B 1761-NET-ENI modules are ENI or Ethernet Interface modules that can connect to or communicate with other Ethernet modules or Ethernet-compatible modules in an Ethernet/IP network. These modules can make physical connections with other devices with their RS-232 ports and Ethernet ports. The users can keep track of the status of their Series B 1761-NET-ENI modules easily with the 5 LEDs that light up to indicate if the ports are transmitting data, when the modules are powered on, when the Ethernet network is connected, and if there are errors or faults in the modules or elsewhere in the system. The Series B 1761-NET-ENI modules are not able to make handshaking hardware or software connections on their RS-232 ports. Their baud rates are autobaud rates by default, but the baud rates can be reconfigured.

The Allen-Bradley Series B 1761-NET-ENI modules can be used to incorporate non-Ethernet devices into existing or new Ethernet/IP systems and they connect Ethernet devices like MicroLogix and CompactLogix controllers with the Ethernet/IP protocol and allow them to communicate with each other. The Series B 1761-NET-ENI modules have some features that the Series A modules do not have, including 2 new BOOTP options, the ability to use the DHCP or the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and the elimination of the need for 2 ENIs in a FlexLogix, ControlLogix, or CompactLogix system that uses the RSLogix 5000 protocol. These ENI modules meet the EMC standards. They can operate safely in non-hazardous industrial environments or in Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, or D rated hazardous industrial environments.

Technical specifications:
Part Number/Catalog No.:1761-NET-ENI
Type:Ethernet Interface
Number or ports::2; 1 (RS232); 1 Ethernet I/P
Protocol:DF1 Full-Duplex; Ethernet
Ethernet Transmission speed::Series A and B: 10 mbps Series C and D: 10/100 mbps
Safety Feature:Master Control Relay
Mounting::DIN Rail or Panel
Power Supply::20.4 to 26.4V dc
24 Volts DC Current Draw:50 mA typical, 100 mA maximum
Item weight:1 pound
Dimensions:4.64 x 2.05 x 2.55 in
Certifications:IEC801-2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Cable:Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e cable
Storage Temperature:-45 to 85 degrees Celsius
Operating Temperature:0° C…+60° C (+32° F…+140° F)
Internal Isolation::710V dc for one minute
Product Lifecycle Status*:Discontinued/Obsolete