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1764-28BXB Ser A, Series A, Rev A


The 1764-28BXB is a MicroLogix 1500 base unit that belongs to the Bulletin 1764 product family. It has a line power voltage requirement of 20.4 to 30VDC, integrated Eight (8) Standard 24VDC sink/source discrete inputs, Eight (8) High-Speed inputs and Six (6) Relay Outputs, Four (4) Standard 24VDC outputs and Two (2) Fast 24VDc outputs. It has integrated RS232 communication ports for device communication.

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About 1764-28BXB/A

The 1764-28BXB Series A module is a MicroLogix 1500 base controller module manufactured by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation. The base controller module comes with an input voltage rating of 24 Volts DC and it features a maximum embedded I/O count of 512. The 1764-28BXB Series A module comes with the relay port and the DC FET transistor. The unit features 4 standard FET outputs with 2 fast FET outputs. Note that among the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 Base module series, only the 1764-28BXB Series A module features the FET transistor. The hardware features a base unit that comes with the power supply and it has input/output circuits. The 1764-28BXB Series A module is built to accommodate a built-in 1764-LSP processor and it is an important component that is used in various Allen-Bradley applications to provide optimal performance.

The 1764-28BXB Series A module comes with high-speed input/output. The unit features eight 20 kHz inputs while it has two 20 kHz outputs. The 1764-28BXB Series A module also features the data access tool (1764-DAT) that is mounted on the 1764-LSP processor. It supports the memory modules or the real-time clock which is also mounted on the supported processor. The 1764-28BXB Series A module is programmed by using the RSLogix™ 500 for providing functionality enhancements. The unit uses the advanced interface converter to connect to the DH-485 network. It also connects to the Ethernet network by using the Ethernet interface or to the DeviceNet™ network by using the supported DeviceNet scanner module. The processor also serves as an additional communication port.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1764-28BXB
Series:MicroLogix 1500
Function:Base Controller
I/O Count:16 inputs/12 outputs
Module Type:Base Unit
Max Expanded I/O Count:512
No. of Inputs:16 inputs
Input Voltage:24 Volts DC
Input channel Voltage:24V dc, sink/source
Output Source:Relay Port and DC FET
High Speed Input Frequency:Eight (8) 20 kHz input
No. of Outputs:Six (6) Relay; Four (4) Standard 24VDC Transistor; Two (2) Fast 24VDC
Input Circuit Type:24 Volt DC Sink/Source
Relay Output channel Voltage:24-125VDC; 120-240VAC
Output Circuit Type:6 Relay, 6 FET Transistor
Transistor Output channel Voltage:20.4VDC - 26.4VDC
Line Power:20.4-30.0 Volts DC
High Speed Output Frequency:20 kHz output
Power Supply Usage:30 Watts
Power Supply Voltage:20.4 to 30VDC
Power Supply Inrush Current:24V dc = 4A for 150 ms
Maximum Load Current:400 mA
Dimensions:5.43 x 6.62 x 3.43 inches
Compatible Processors:1764-LSP and 1764-LRP
Product Lifecycle Status*:Discontinued/Obsolete