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1764-LRP Ser B, Series B, Rev B

Description:  The 1764-LRP is an Allen-Bradley manufactured MicroLogix 1500 controller. The 1764-LRP has a Fourteen (14 ) KB memory and supports communication protocols such as DH-485, Modbus, DF1, and ASCII through the integrated RS232 communication port.

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About 1764-LRP/B

The 1764-LRP Series B processor is an improved MicroLogix 1500 processor manufactured by Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation as part of the MicroLogix 1500 product line. This processor is designed to provide memory solutions for various industrial applications. It also offers 14 KB of operator-configurable memory for program data and information. Also, the processor features a program execution time of about 1 millisecond per 1K-word program, counting bit, timer, math, or counter instructions. The Allen-Bradley 1764-LRP processor offers trim potentiometers, a communication toggle push button, a run/program/remote mode switch, and logic processing for any controller system. The processor also acts as the interface for DAT, real-time clock, and memory modules. This processor utilizes a controller assembly which supports up to 8 input and output modules with an extra I/O bank. This processor features Version 4.0 of the RSLogix 500 software for programming purposes.

The Allen-Bradley 1764-LRP Series B processor is an enhanced version of a standard processor, and no isolator is needed to connect the MicroLogix controller system to a computer through the 1764-LRP Series B processor. This processor requires a battery backup as soon as the battery indicator light automatically turns on because the original battery cannot last for more than 7 days. The 1764-LRP Series B processor has Modbus, DH-485, DF1, and ASCII communication ports that are independently-configurable for any supported communication protocol. The processor is intended for use with the Series B or higher devices. The RS-232 port is utilized for the SCADA/RTU communication networks.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1764-LRP
Series:MicroLogix 1500
Product Family::MicroLogix
Function:Processor Unit
Product Type::MicroLogix Controller
Memory:14 KB
Communication Ports:DH-485, Modbus, DF1, and ACSII
Supported Base Units::1764-AWA; 1764-BWA; 1764-BXB
Enclosure Type:IP20
Heat Dissipation:1.9 Watts
Power supply::MicroLogix Bus
Output Source:Relay Port and DC FET
Bus Current Draw::380 MA
Word Memory:14K word memory
Communication Port::2; RS232
Communication Cable:1764-LRP
User Memory::Series B; 12K (8K Program; 4K Data) Series C: 14K (10K Program; 4K Data)
Communication Protocol::Channel 0: DF1, DH485, Modbus, ASCII Channel 1: DF1, DH485, Modbus, ASCII
RS232 Topology::Point to point
Support for removal under power::28
Product Lifecycle Status*:Discontinued/Obsolete
Expansion I/O::512