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1764-LSP Ser B, Series B, Rev B

Description:  The 1764-LSP is an Allen-Bradley manufactured MicroLogix 1500 controller. The 1764-LRP has 7.6 KB Words User Memory with allocation of 3.6 KB User Program and 4 KB User Data. It supports communication protocols such as DH-485, Modbus, DF1, and ASCII through the integrated RS232 communication port.

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About 1764-LSP/B

The Allen-Bradley 1764-LSP Series B processor module is a standard processor module manufactured by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation as part of the MicroLogix 1500 programmable controller series. This module features the 7K user program that enables it to provide extensive memory control solutions for many applications. It comes with a total memory capacity of 3.65 KB for user programs as well as 4 KB of memory for user data. The data and program files are configurable with a complete user data volume of 4K words. The memory of this processor module also stores user-specified function files that are used for the configuration of data and system resources. The Allen-Bradley’s 1764-LSP Series B MicroLogix 1500 processor module has a program execution time of approximately 1-millisecond for a 1K-word program comprising math instructions, counters, bits, and timers. These programs are formed through the RSLogix 500 software, a Microsoft Windows-supported programming software. The longer integer data files, for instance, 32-bit signed integer files, could be developed to be used with entrenched high-speed inputs, outputs, and math instructions. Additionally, floating-point data files can be created too with each containing at most 256 IEEE-754 floating-point data elements.

The 1764-LSP Series B standard processor module comes with a non-isolated RS-232-C port with the Modbus protocols, and the ASCII, DH-485, DF1 half-duplex, and DF1 full-duplex protocols. It features 2 integral Trim potentiometers with 0 to 250 Volts of digital output voltage. The 3/4-turn analog potentiometers are designed to enhance the quick and easy alteration of set points, timers, and counters. The 1764-LSP Series B processor module also offers an interface to DAT modules, memory units, and real-time clocks. It can be installed with bases including the Allen-Bradley 1764-24BWA, 1764-24AWA, and 1764-28BXB bases. Also, the processor comes with various memory and real-time modules installed on it, including the 1764-MM3RTC, 1764-MM1, 1764-RTC, 1764-MM2, 1764-MM1RTC, 1764-MM2RTC, and the 1764-MM3 module. Generally, the MicroLogix 1500 RTC modules have a built-in battery that helps to keep the time accurately.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1764-LSP
Series:MicroLogix 1500
Product Family::MicroLogix
Function:Processor Unit
Product Type::MicroLogix Controller
Memory:7.6 Kb
Communication Ports:DH-485, Modbus, DF1, and ACSII
Supported Base Units::1764-AWA; 1764-BWA; 1764-BXB
Enclosure Type:IP20
Power supply::MicroLogix Bus
Output Source:Relay Port and DC FET
Heat Dissipation::1.9 Watts
Bus Current Draw::380 MA
Digital Trim Potentiometers:2 built-in
Communication Port::1; RS232
Compatible Memory Module:1764-MM1, 1764-MM2, 1764-MM3
User Memory::Series B; 12K (8K Program; 4K Data) Series C: 14K (10K Program; 4K Data)
Compatible Real Time Clock:1764-RTC
Communication Protocol::Channel 0: DF1, DH485, Modbus, ASCII
RS232 Topology::Point to point
Support for removal under power::28
Product Lifecycle Status*:Discontinued/Obsolete
Expansion I/O::512