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1745-E105 Ser C, Series C, Rev C

Description:  1745-E105 by Allen Bradley is part of the SLC-100 series of PLCs. This part features 0 input terminals and 12 output terminals.

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About 1745-E105/C

The 1745-E105 Series C controller is a programmable logic controller from the SLC 100 series manufactured by Allen-Bradley. The controller comes with no input terminals but with 12 output terminals. The controller uses the Allen-Bradley 1745-C2 cable for communication. It is a microprocessor-based programmable controller and it is an advanced system with inherent flexibility and advantages characteristics of other programmable controllers. The 1745-E105 Series C controller has the ability to add I/O circuits for a wide variety of demanding applications. This expansion unit is easy to use. It supports the ladder diagram format. The controller is equipped with relay logic, sequencers, counters, timers, and shift registers. The expansion unit is equipped with a processor, power supply, and 16 I/O circuits. This expansion unit is widely used in machine tools, assembly machines, material handling, and casting machines.

The 1745-E105 Series C controller is available in 3 I/O configurations including the base unit, relay output unit, and analog input unit. The base unit comes with 10 input circuits and 6 output circuits. The relay output has no input circuits but 6 output circuits. The 1745-E105 Series C controller is equipped with an EEPROM module that fits into the processor unit for loading programs and storage. The logic controller can be programmed by using PC software. The computer and the logic controller are connected to each other by using an RS-232 port. The logic controller is powered with a battery for backup. The logic controller comes with diagnostic LED indicators for DC power, PC run, CPU fault, low battery, and Force I/O status updates. The logic controller has prompt messages and selection menus to make the development process easy and user-friendly. The programs can also be easily documented with instruction labels.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Output Termials:12
Input Terminals:0
Input Type:N/A
Input Power:N/A
Comm Cable:1745-c2