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1746-IA16 Ser C, Series C, Rev C

Description:  The Allen-Bradley 1746-IA16 is a SLC 500 Digital AC Input Module. This Digital AC Input Module has Sixteen (16) input channels with a voltage range of 85-132 Volts AC. This module occupies single slot of the SLC 500 chassis.

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About 1746-IA16/C

The Allen-Bradley 1746-IA16 Series C controller is a programmable Logix controller that the users can program for different custom applications. It can operate safely and at full power in any safe industrial environment or Class I, Division 2 hazardous environment that has an ambient temperature between 0 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius. The 1746-IA16 Series C controller is part of the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series of Logix controllers. This controller comes with 16 inputs that it can use for connection with other devices in a system. The off-state current rating for the 1746-IA16 Series C controller is 2 milliamps and its backplane current rating is 85 milliamps at a voltage rating of 5 Volts DC. It operates on a voltage rating of 85 to 132 Volts AC.

The Allen-Bradley 1746-IA16 Series C controller has the North American Hazardous Location Approval rating for Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. When using this programmable controller in hazardous locations, make sure to follow all the safety requirements or the controller may suffer serious damage or even explode. To avoid explosions and other types of damage, remove all power and ensure that the environment immediately surrounding the controller is not hazardous before servicing the controller, and do not substitute any of the controller’s components or this may cause the controller to lose its hazardous location rating and put it and its users at risk. The 1746-IA16 Series C controller dissipates about 0.27 Watts of heat per point, 0.425 Watts of heat minimum, and 4.8 Watts of heat maximum.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1746-IA16
Series:SLC 500
Module Type:Digital AC Input Module
Voltage Range:85-132 Volts AC
Backplane Current (5 Volts DC):85 milliamps
Signal delay:35 or 45 milliseconds
Off State Current:2 milliamps
Backplane Current:(5 Volts DC) 85 milliamps
Signal delay, ON:35 ms
Signal Delay, OFF:45 milliseconds
I/O Connection:1746-HT and 1746-HCA
Step Response:100 milliseconds in, 2.5 milliseconds out
OFF state Voltage, max:50V AC