2711P-RP7 Ser G
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2711P-RP7 Ser G

2711P-RP7/G, Series G, Rev G

Description:  The 2711P-RP7 logic module is a CE logic module manufactured by Allen-Bradley in the Panelview Plus CE series. This CE logic module is made to be connected to a CE display module to create a complete, functioning operator terminal for controlling an industrial system. The 2711P-RP7 CE logic module comes with 256 MB of RAM and with 256 MB of flash memory. It operates with DC input voltage.

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About 2711P-RP7/G

The Allen-Bradley 2711P-RP7 Series G logic module is a CE logic module that is meant to be used with Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus CE series 700 to 1500 terminals. The Allen-Bradley 2711P-RP7 Series G logic module is not compatible with PanelView Plus 6 terminals. It has DC input voltage, 256 MB of RAM, and 256 MB of flash memory. This logic module is Marine-certified, and this means that it is suitable for use in industrial environments with high temperatures and harsh conditions. The Allen-Bradley 2711P-RP7 Series G logic module is meant to be used as the central processing unit (CPU) in a PanelView Plus CE terminal. It should be the first device that is connected to the terminal to ensure that the module gets a good interface.

The Allen-Bradley 2711P-RP7 Series G logic module uses the Windows CE 6.0 operating system. It supports an FTP server and the ActiveX controls. It communicates with other modules on the ControlNet network through the Windows CE 6.0 operating system. This operator interface terminal comes with 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port, a serial port, and a CompactFlash card slot. The Windows CE 6.0 operating system supports the FactoryStation View Machine Edition software that makes desktop connections easy. The Allen-Bradley 2711P-RP7 Series G logic module can be powered by a remote power supply such as the Allen-Bradley 2711P-RSACDIN power supply module. When this logic module is attached to an operator terminal, it is attached to the back of the terminal where it is out of sight but where it can operate properly.

Technical specifications:
Product Family::PanelView Plus Operator Terminals
Power Dissipation::70 Watt
Power input::24VDC
Operating Temperature::0-55 Degree Celsius
Support for RAM replacement / upgrade::Yes
Interfaces::Ethernet port, serial port, two USB ports, CompactFlash card slot
Status indicators::Red and Green LED
Available versions::Series A-G
Compatible Hardware::PanelView Plus 700-1500
Communication::One (1) RS232; One (1) Ethernet; Two (2) USB
Memory::128 MB Flash/ 128 RAM
Manufacturer::Rockwell Automation
Product Type:Logic Module
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711P-RP7
Series:CE Logic Modules for PanelView Plus CE Terminals
Flash Memory:256 MB
RAM Memory:256 MB
Features:Ethernet Port, Serial Port, 2 USB ports, and CompactFlash Card Slot
Compatibility :Not Compatible with the PanelView Plus 6 Terminals