2711-T10C16 Ser D
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2711-T10C16 Ser D

2711-T10C16/D, Series D, Rev D

Description:  The 2711-T10C16 terminal is a human-machine interface or HMI terminal that has been designed and manufactured by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation. It is part of the Panelview 1000 terminal series. The 2711-T10C16 HMI terminal is controlled by a 10-inch touchscreen and display screen that supports color graphics. It operates on 85 to 264 Volts AC voltage. The 2711-T10C16 HMI terminal comes with a DF1 type of RS-232 communication port.

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About 2711-T10C16/D

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 2711-T10C16 Series D human-machine interface terminal comes with 2 RS-232 ports, 1 of which is a DF1 port and 1 of which is a printer port. The DF1 port is for communication and the printer port is for connecting printers or other devices like a mouse or a keyboard. The Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 2711-T10C16 Series D human-machine interface terminal has a touchscreen that is 10.1 inches wide with color graphics as its input method. Touch objects appear on the screen that correspond to 1 or more of the sensitive touch cells that make up the screen and the users can press these touch objects to give the terminal commands. The users should only press these touch objects with their bare hands, with gloved hands, or with a plastic stylus because using any other object will scratch or damage the screen.

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 2711-T10C16 Series D human-machine interface terminal can be used in an indoor environment when it is installed in a NEMA 4X or 12/13 rated protective enclosure. There is a sealing gasket on this interface terminal that seals the terminal securely into the enclosure. Its screen has a replaceable backlight. There is a reset button on the back of the Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 2711-T10C16 Series D human-machine interface terminal to reset it after an error. This terminal can be connected to a personal computer that allows it to transfer applications. A green COMM status indicator indicates that the terminal is communicating and a red FAULT status indicator indicates that there is a firmware or a hardware fault.

Technical specifications:
Product Family::PanelView Standard Terminals
Heat Dissipation::39 W (132 BTU/HR)
Operating Temperature::0…55 ° C (32…131 ° F)
Input Voltage range::85…264V AC, 47…63 Hz
Communication ports::RS232 (DF1) RS232 (printer)
Application memory::1008K bytes (application screens)
Touch Cell size::26 x 30 pixels
Touchscreen::384 (24 columns x 16 rows)
Backlight::100,000 hr LED backlight life
Resolution::640 x 480 pixels
Display Area::211 x 158 mm (8.3 x 6.2 in.)
Display Type::Active Matrix Thin-Film Resistor (TFT) with Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCF) Backlight
Product Type::PanelView 1000 Standard Operator Terminals
Manufacturer::Rockwell Automation
Input Type:Touch
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711-T10C16
Product Line:Panelview 1000
Display Size:10.1 in.
Display Color:Multi-Color
Communication:DF1 (RS-232) and Printer (RS-232) Port
Input Power:85-264 Volts Alternating Current
Memory:256 Kilobytes
Enclosure Type:NEMA Type 12/13 or 4X
Product Lifecycle Status*:Discontinued/Obsolete