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2711-T5A15L1 Ser B

2711-T5A15L1/B, Series B, Rev B


The 2711-T5A15L1 is part of the Panelview 550 series. It has a 5.5 inch Monochrome display, Touchscreen user input, 24 VDC input power, and has ControlNet Communication and RS-232 Printer Port.

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About 2711-T5A15L1/B

The 2711-T5A15L1 Series B module is an Allen-Bradley PanelView 550 human-machine interface module. The unit is designed with the monochrome LCD blue mode display and the touchscreen input type. The Allen-Bradley device features the ControlNet communication RS-232 printer port and it comes with an input power of 24 Volts DC. The 2711-T5A15L1 Series B module supports keyboard data entry and the keypads include function keys, numeric entry keys, and cursor keys. The function keys are labeled from F1 to F10, and they are used for initiating the unit’s functions on the screen. The function keys can also have custom legends. The users have the option to initiate the unit’s applications by using the display screen or the function keys. The keypad cursor keys move the cursor in the displayed lists, helping in the selection of the numeric entry objects.

The touchscreen terminal display is used for turning the 2711-T5A15L1 Series B module ON and OFF as well as for starting up its applications. This touchscreen works by touching the objects or the icons on the screen. The screen type features 128 touch cells arranged in 16 columns and 8 rows. The interactive screen icons are well aligned with the touch cells whenever the users create an application. The power connection terminals allow for the connection of the unit to the external power source, while the unit's information is displayed on the attached nameplate label. The 2711-T5A15L1 Series B module also comes with a sealing gasket used for sealing the front of the module to the enclosure or the mounting panel. It also comes with communication indicators for displaying the unit's status for easy drive monitoring.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711-T5A15L1
Product Line:Panelview 550
Display Size:5.5 in.
Display Color:Monochrome LCD blue mode
Input Type:Touchscreen
Communication:ControlNet Communication and RS-232 Printer Port
Input Power:24V DC
Software:Panelbuilder 32
Memory:170 KB application runtime
Communication Cable:2711-NC13
Shipping Weight:5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:14x11x8 inches