2711-K9C9 Ser C
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2711-K9C9 Ser C

2711-K9C9/C, Series C, Rev C

Description:  The 2711-K9C9 operator terminal is an Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation Panelview 900 series operator terminal. It is also part of the Series D product line within the broader Panelview 900 terminal series. The 2711-K9C9 operator terminal comes with a 9-inch screen and color graphics. It is controlled by a keypad. The 2711-K9C9 operator terminal is AC-powered and it has an RS-232 communication port.

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About 2711-K9C9/C

The PanelView 900 series 2711-K9C9 Series C terminal is an advanced industrial terminal designed and manufactured by Allen-Bradley. For user input, a keypad is provided on the terminal. The integrated communication interfaces include the RS-232 and DH-485 interface ports. The terminal is certified by numerous standards including the UL 508, CSA, Low Voltage Directive, and UL 1604 standards. When installed in hazardous locations, the following precautions apply to the 2711-K9C9 Series C terminal: for internal circuit protection, the terminal should be installed inside a suitable enclosure, the power and communication cables should either be inside the enclosure or inside a suitable conduit, and the components should be connected or disconnected only when the electrical power to the terminal is disconnected first. Adequate clearance for airflow should be provided around the terminal and the recommended clearance is 2 inches on each side of the terminal. The recommended ambient temperature range around the terminal is from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius.

The Allen-Bradley 2711-K9C9 Series C terminal has a 6.73 x 5.12-inch color display screen based on active-matrix TFT technology. The display resolution is 640 x 480 pixels. The power consumption rating can reach a maximum of 110 VA and the supported range of input voltage is from 85 to 264 Volts AC. The weight and dimensions of the terminal are 7 pounds and 9.8 x 15.97 x 4.4 inches, respectively. The recommended cut-out dimensions are 8.8 x 14.75 inches. A full-size cut-out template is shipped with the terminal. Two status indicators that are the fault and communication indicators are provided to aid with troubleshooting processes.

Technical specifications:
Input Voltage range::85…264V AC
Communication ports::RS232 (DH485); RS232 (Printer)
Application memory::310 KB application runtime; 1008 KB nonvolatile memory (application objects plus text and bitmaps)
Keypad Assembly::16 function keys (F1…F16)
Resolution::640 x 400
Display Area::210 x 131 mm (8.27 x 5.17 in.)
Display Type::Active Matrix Thin-Film Resistor (TFT) with Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCF) Backlight
Product Type::PanelView 900 Standard Operator Terminals
Product Family::PanelView Standard Operator Terminals
Manufacturer::Rockwell Automation
Input Frequency::47…63 Hz
Enclosure::NEMA Type 12/13, 4X (Indoor use only), IP54, IP65
Status Indicators::COMM: Green Fault: Red
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711-K9C9
Product Line:Panelview 900
Display Size:9 in.
Display Color:Color
Input Type:Keypad
Communication:RS-232 (DH-485) and RS-232 Printer
Input Power:120 VAC
Memory:1008K bytes
Communication Cable:2711-NC14
Shipping Weight:9 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:18 x 14 x 8 in
Series :A, B, C, D, E, F
Product Lifecycle Status*:Discontinued/Obsolete