2711P-K4M20D Ser A
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2711P-K4M20D Ser A

2711P-K4M20D/A, Series A, Rev A

Description:  The 2711P-K4M20D is a graphic operator terminal from Allen-Bradley. It is part of the PanelView Plus 400 operator terminal. It is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) device that is powered by an external supply voltage range of 18-30VDC with 3.8-inch Grayscale passive matrix, film compensated super-twist nematic (FSTN) display. It has a keypad assembly that acts as the operator interface and provided with multiple communication interfaces such as, One (1) Ethernet, One (1) RS-232 and Two (2) USB ports.

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About 2711P-K4M20D/A

The 2711P-K4M20D Series A panel is a monochrome passive matrix display panel designed by Allen-Bradley. It belongs to the PanelView Plus 400 series by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation. It runs from DC power. It has a film-compensated super-twist screen. It has a size of 3.7 inches. It is a grayscale screen with 32-bit graphics and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The display panel is housed along with a keypad. The keypad contains different types of keys which include navigational keys, functional keys, and control keys. The control keys are used to control the cursor on the screen. The keypad has 8 function keys labeled from F1 to F8. These shortcut keys are used for common shortcut functions. The 2711P-K4M20D Series A panel has no replaceable backlight. A real-time clock backed by a battery is available in this Series A panel variant. The clock saves critical data points and timestamps them. The timestamps have an accuracy of plus/minus 2 minutes per month. The display panel is widely used in factories to monitor machine operation and control factory automation.

The Allen-Bradley 2711P-K4M20D Series A panel comes with both storage memory and RAM. It is equipped with 64 MB of storage memory. The display panel is equipped with an RS-232 port and an Ethernet port for network and communications. A single USB port is available on the control board of the panel. It has a maximum power consumption of 60 VA. For programming and configuration, the panel uses the RSView studio machine software. It runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system platform. The 2711P-K4M20D Series A panel should be operated in an operating temperature range of 0 to 55 degrees Celsius with absolute humidity. The panel is certified with the C-Tick, CE, and cUL standards. Allen-Bradley display panels come with a 1-year warranty starting from the date of installation.

Technical specifications:
Product Family::PanelView Plus Graphic Terminals
Power Consumption::25 W max (1.0 A at 24V DC)
Power Supply Input Voltage range::18-30VDC
Communication ports::Ethernet, RS-232, 2 USB host
Terminal Memory::Series A: 5 MB Series B: 10 MB
Actuating lifespan::1 million presses
Operating force::340 g
Keypad interface::Keypad , numeric and navigation keys
Resolution::320 x 240
Display Area::77 x 58 mm (3.0 x 2.3 in.)
Display Type::Grayscale passive matrix, film compensated super-twist nematic (FSTN)
Sub Category::PanelView Plus 600
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711P-K4M20D
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
Display Size:3.8 in.
Product Line:Panelview Plus 400
Display Color:Grayscale
Input Type :Keypad
Communication:Ehternet and RS-232 Ports
Input Power:DC
Memory:64 MB
Series:A, B, C, D, E
Product Lifecycle Status*:Discontinued/Obsolete