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Description: Display Module 700 with 7 in. Color Display and Keypad.
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Display Module 700 with 7 in. Color Display and Keypad.

Warranty: 1 year DO Supply Warranty Included
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Repairs: We offer repair service for the 2711P-RDK7C.
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Rated 4.8 with 17 reviews

About 2711P-RDK7C


The Allen-Bradley 2711P-RDK7C terminal is a PanelView plus display terminal that is an upgraded replacement terminal for the older PanelView graphics terminals. The terminal measures 7 inches and it has a color display and a keypad for input. The module is a human-machine interface that is to input data/information and display that information. It gives the operators 22 integrated function keys. The terminal has a fast processor and it comes with 512 MB of memory and uses the Windows CE 6.0 operating system. The terminal is fast and it provides better response and better graphics than other terminals. The 2711P-RDK7C terminal has a modular design and it is easy to install and integrate into a manufacturing system. The terminal supports real-time monitoring through a web browser. Both RS-232 and Ethernet ports are embedded in the terminal for network connectionS. It also comes with built-in USB and SD card slots.

The 2711P-RDK7C terminal has a maximum vibration frequency of 500 Hertz. The maximum vibration acceleration of the terminal is 2 G and the vibration displacement from peak to peak is 0.012 millimeters maximum. The terminal provides the standard Windows features, including the command processor and explorer shell and it also has a built-in PDF viewer for reading PDF documents. The terminal can also help create backups. It uses vector graphics and the data can be managed by using .csv files. The 2711P-RDK7C terminal can be used to remotely monitor applications from a secure location by using the enhanced VNC connectivity feature. The terminal increases the operators’ productivity by using an intuitive interface with gradient shading and support for PNG files. The terminal comes with a keypad which has different keys, including the functional keys, navigational keys, and the power keys. It comes with an SD storage card slot and USB ports for printer, RFID reader, and web camera support.

Technical specifications:

ManufacturerRockwell Automation
ManufacturerRockwell Automation


Question: What is the input type of the 2711P-RDK7C?

Answer: The 2711P-RDK7C has a keypad input type.


Question: What is the display type of the 2711P-RDK7C?

Answer: The 2711P-RDK7C has a 7.0 in. color display.


Question: What is the price of a 2711P-RDK7C Allen Bradley PanelView Plus Terminal?

Answer: Submit quote request, send us an email, or call 800-730-0292 for our best price.


Question: Does DO Supply offer repair services for the 2711P-RDK7C Allen Bradley PanelView Plus Terminal?

Answer: Yes, DO Supply offers repair services for a variety of Allen-Bradley products, such as the 2711P-RDK7C. For more information or to request a repair quote, please click here.  





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Repair Service 2-4 weeks $944cartAdd to Cart

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 2711P-RDK7C. All of our repairs come with a 1 Year DO Supply Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process.

Please refer to the manual for more information about the 2711P-RDK7C such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

Revision Part # Also Known as Availability
2711P-RDK7C/Rev B, Series Rev B, Rev Rev B Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/Rev C, Series Rev C, Rev Rev C Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/Rev D, Series Rev D, Rev Rev D Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/Rev E, Series Rev E, Rev Rev E Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/Rev F, Series Rev F, Rev Rev F Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/Rev G, Series Rev G, Rev Rev G Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/Rev H, Series Rev H, Rev Rev H Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/Rev A, Series Rev A, Rev Rev A Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/A, Series A, Rev A Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/B, Series B, Rev B Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/C, Series C, Rev C Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/D, Series D, Rev D Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/E, Series E, Rev E Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/F, Series F, Rev F Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/G, Series G, Rev G Request Quote
2711P-RDK7C/H, Series H, Rev H Request Quote
Common misspellings:
  • 27l1P-RDK7C
  • 271lP-RDK7C