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Description:  The Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394-AM03 is a Servo (Axis) Amplifier with a 2 Kilowatt Output Rating, 530-680DC Volts Input Voltage, and 3.2 Amperage.

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About 1394-AM03

The Allen-Bradley 1394-AM03 is a 1394 Servo Drive Axis Module. It is part of the 1394 GMC or GMC Turbo system and it belongs to Series A and B but is interchangeable with the 1394C-AM04 Series C axis module. The 1394-AM03 is an inverter with no heatsink that converts the DC power supplied by the system module to a variable AC voltage in a 1394 system. One axis module is required for every servo motor to run the 1394 system. The 1394-AM03 is connected to a system module using a slide-and-lock mechanism that eliminates up to 100 wire terminals. One 1394 system consists of 1-4 axis modules.

The 1394-AM03 module has 530-680V DC input voltage and 3 - 6 A current. It has a power dissipation of 1.6/2 – 3.2/4 kW at 380/460 V, 98% efficiency, 110 µF capacitance and static gain (RMS A/mV) of 1.28. It has dimensions of 13.78 x 11.02 x 1.97 in and a weight 11.02 lbs. It has a speed regulation of 0-0.05% of the base speed with a 100% torque disturbance.

The 1394-AM03 axis module is used in all new applications that require up to four high-performance cycle axes. It is also useful for applications requiring frequent power monitoring or power cycling. Some of its applications include material handling, high-speed packaging, press load/unload, and converting.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1394-AM03
Product Line:Servo Controller
Module Type:Servo (Axis) Amplifier
Output Rating:2 Kilowatt
Input Voltage:530-680DC Volts

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