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Description:  The Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394-AM50 is a Servo (Axis) Amplifier with a 15.6 Kilowatt Output Rating, 530-680DC Volts Input Voltage, and 33.2 Amperage.

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About 1394-AM50

The Allen-Bradley 1394-AM50 is a three-phase multi-axis module. This module is different than other 1394-AMxx modules. This axis module has 310 to 390 Volts DC and its frequency power is 240 Hertz. The 1394-AM50 also has a higher power rating than other axis modules at 15.6 kW, allowing it to deliver a current with a magnitude of 33.2 Amps. The higher-than-usual power rating and current of this module are because of its three-phase operation capability. The three-phase operation increases the power capabilities of this module more than three times. For comparison, the 1394-AM07A which operates in one phase only has a 7.5 kW output current rating.

This three-phase operation module can deliver more power than one phase operation module. Although the 1394-AM50 can deliver more power, the mass of this axis module is 11 pounds, the same as other axis modules. If the 1394-AM50 is CE certified, there are three steps necessary for safety. First, run three-phase input wiring in a conduit that is grounded to the enclosure. Second, install a power line filter between the three-phase input line and the system module input. Third, terminate the shields of the motor power cables and the motor feedback cables to the enclosure at the point of entry.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1394-AM50
Product Line:Servo Controller
Module Type:Servo (Axis) Amplifier
Output Rating:15.6 Kilowatt
Input Voltage:530-680DC Volts
Weight:11.02 lbs
Static Gain:4.9 rms A/mV

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