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Description:  The Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394-DCLM is a DC Link with a GML Commander Software, 530-680DC Volts Input Voltage, and 35 Amperage.

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About 1394-DCLM

The Allen-Bradley 1394-DCLM is a DC link module and an axis module simultaneously. It provides extra load leveling and energy capacitance (storage) for other 1394 systems. If there is a need for storing more regenerative energy, increasing system capacity, lowering cycle time, or avoiding resistive heat loss, this DC link module is the perfect machine. The module can also function alone or connect to another module using the DC Link cable. The 1394-DCLM operates in a one-phase system. The output current of this DC link module is 32 Amps and the input voltage of this DC link module is 530 to 680 Volts which is the same as one-phase 1394 modules.

The 1394-DCLM must be mounted in a specific way. Mount the 1394-DCLM as the last (right-most) module, but if the DCLM and DIM are both mounted in the same system, then the DIM should be the last module. Two 1394 power buses can be connected by two DCLMs, but this procedure is application-specific and requires proper implementation. For more information, contact an Allen-Bradley sales representative. When using the 1394-DCLM to store energy, it is necessary to install the power plug. Refer to the manual for the power plug's location. To avoid injury, make sure that all power has been disconnected before repairing or removing this unit.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1394-DCLM
Product Line:Servo Controller
Module Type:DC Link
Software:GML Commander
Input Voltage:530-680DC Volts
Weight:11.02 lbs
Static Gain:4.9 rms A/mV

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