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Description:  The Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394-SJT05-A is a System with Analog Input (10 VDC), a 5 Kilowatt Power Rating, and 4.9 rms A/mV Static Gain.

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Technical Specifications:

Part Number:1394-SJT05-A
Product Line:Servo Controller
Module Type:System
Power Rating:5 Kilowatt
Input Phase:3 Phase
Factory-Installed Options:Analog Input (10 VDC)
Input Voltage:360-480AC Volts
Static Gain:4.9 rms A/mV

About 1394-SJT05-A

The Allen-Bradley 1394-SJT05-A is a digital AC servo control system module, which is a part of the 1394 modular, multi-axis motion control and drive system. It can control a machine’s velocity or torque and work with the Allen-Bradley Universal Bulletin 1201 Human Interface Module, allowing the user to access its start-up and auto-tuning features. Its analog interface runs on ±10V DC and its standard features include a SCANport interface. An active soft start inrush current limit for DC link charging is also included in the system module. This system module can be troubleshooted with the help of two configurable analog test outputs which provide information on critical system parameters.
The system module has a complete set of components to set up an analog servo control system. The connectors for motor feedback, AQB output, and torque reference input to and from a motion controller, and serial communications for the HIM module are already included in the module. Its hinged module front cover allows easy access to the control and power wiring.
The 1394-SJT05-A system module has a power rating of 5 kW (at 460V). It has the ability to convert 380-460V AC, three-phase, 50-60 Hz input power to a 530 – 680V DC link voltage without requiring an isolation transformer or inductors. The 1394-SJT05-A’s internal shunt resistor, which has an internal resistance of 16 ohms, has a 200 W continuous rating and a peak rating of 40 kW. When the internal shunt resistor of the system module is active, some power (up to 200W) will be dissipated. Most applications use less than 10% of the maximum dissipation. An external 1400W shunt kit is also available for the 1394-SJT05-A.

Sporting 98% Efficiency, the Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394-SJT05-A is a System with Analog Input (10V DC), a 5 Kilowatt Power Rating, 360-480V AC  Input Voltage (3 Phase), and a 4.9 RMS A/mV Static Gain.

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