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The Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394C-AM50-IH is a Servo (Axis) Amplifier with Filtering (EMI) and Enhanced Terminations, a 15.6 Kilowatt Output Rating, 530-680 DC Input Voltage, and a 33.2 A Amperage.

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About 1394C-AM50-IH

The 1394C-AM50-IH is an Allen-Bradley Servo Controller which is also a servo amplifier. It has a DC input voltage of 530 to 680 Volts. Its output rating is 15.6 kW. It has an inside cabinet heatsink and an amperage rating of 33.2 Amps. It belongs to the filtering and enhanced termination series enhancements. Its efficiency is 98%. It also has a microfarads capacitance of 465 microfarads.  In addition, its static gain is 22.8 RMS Amps/mV. This servo controller also has a 23.3 Amps continuous current. Its peak current is 33.2 Amps. It also has a continuous power voltage of 380 to 460 Volts AC. Its peak power is 380 to 460 Volts AC and it also has 0 to 0.05% of the base speed. Its torque disturbance speed regulation is 100%. The 1394C-AM50-IH also weighs 14.8 pounds.

Operators who intend to install the 1394C-AM50-IH need to confirm that the ambient temperature of the place for the installation of this device is not above 50 degrees Celsius. This device has eight pins which are used for discrete input connections. The surface where this controller is being installed should be rigid, flat, and vertical to prevent shocks, vibrations, oil, dust, mist, and vapors which may corrode it. This controller must be installed in a vertical position. When this is being done, operators need to ensure that proper air flow, bend radius, and module access are maintained. The installation of the 1394C-AM50-IH should be done in a way which enables the operator to do tapping, cutting, welding, and other operations which should be done when the machine is removed from its enclosure. The altitude of the installation of this controller should be a maximum of 1000 meters. Metal debris should be kept from falling into this machine when it is operating because this can result in damage to the circuitry and the machine. The LEDs that this machine has also helps direct the operators on the type of operation that is being carried out. Its dimensions are 13.8 x 11.0 x 2.95 inches.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1394C-AM50-IH
Product Line:Servo Controller
Module Type:Servo (Axis) Amplifier
Output Rating:15.6 Kilowatts
DC Input Voltage:530 to 680 Volts DC
Amperage:33.2 A
Series Enhancements:Filtering (EMI) and Enhanced Terminations
Heat Sink Options:Inside Cabinet Heatsink
Capacitance:465 Microfarads
Speed Regulation:0 to 0.05% Base Speed
Static Gain:22.8 RMS A/mV
Continuous Current:23.3 Amperes RMS
Peak Current:33.2 Amperes RMS - 1 Second
Continuous Power, 380 to 460 Volts:11.34/15.6 Kilowatts
Peak Power, 380 to 460 Volts:16.1/22.2 Kilowatts
Weight:14.8 pounds
Dimensions:13.8 x 11.0 x 2.95 inches


Question: What is this module's Continuous Current rated as?

Answer: The 1394C-AM50-IH Continuous Current has an RMS rating of 33.2 Amperes.


Question: How much does this module weigh?

Answer: The 1394C-AM50-IH weighs around 14.8 pounds.


Question: What is this module's Capacitance?

Answer: The 1394C-AM50-IH has a 465 Microfarad capacitance.


Question: What is this module's Amperage?

Answer: The 1394C-AM50-IH uses 33.2 Amps.


Question: Can this module be purchased with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, the 1394C-AM50-IH comes with a free one-year warranty from DO Supply, Inc.


Question: Where can I send the 1394C-AM50-IH to be repaired?

Answer: DO Supply, Inc. offers a variety of repair services for the 1394C-AM50-IH.

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