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Description:  The Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394C-AM50-IH-C is a Servo (Axis) Amplifier with Filtering (EMI) and Enhanced Terminations, a 15.6 Kilowatt Output Rating, 530-680 DC Input Voltage, and a 33.2 A Amperage.


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About 1394C-AM50-IH-C

The 1394 9/Series CNC Interface system (1394C-AM50-IH-C) provides a digital servo system which can be used with both the 9/260 and the 9/290 CNC. It is convenient and utilizes an economic digital interface technique. The Servo control for the 1394C-AM50-IH-C  system is controlled by the 9/Series CNC.

The 1394C-AM50-IH-C comes with a fiber optic I/O ring and entirely interfaced system, programmed using an ODS (Offline Development System) and the CNC operator panel.

The easily available options with the 9/Series CNC interface system are Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, MMS/Ethernet (9/260 and 9/290 only), and Data Highway Plus (9/260 and 9/290 only) communications.

The two 1394 system power buses can be linked conveniently by connecting the two DCLMs together. It is, however, crucial to note that the procedure is application-specific and requires proper implementation. Before using the 1394-DCLM for energy storage, the power plug must be installed.

When the 5 or 10 kiloWatt 1394C-AM50-IH-C system module needs a medium of dissipating regenerative energy that goes beyond the capacity prescribed for the internal shunt resistor,  install a 1394 External Shunt Resistor Kit before doing anything else.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1394C-AM50-IH-C
Product Line:Servo Controller
Module Type:Servo (Axis) Amplifier
Output Rating:15.6 Kilowatt
DC Input Voltage:530-680
Amperage:33.2 A
Series Enhancements:Filtering (EMI) and Enhanced Terminations
Heat Sink Options:Inside Cabinet Heatsink
Capacitance:465 Microfarads
Speed Regulation:0-0.05% of base speed w/ 100% torque disturbance
Static Gain:22.8 rms A/mV
Continuous Current (rms):23.3 Amperes
Peak Current (rms - 1 sec):33.2 Amperes
Continuous Power 380/460 Volts:11.34/15.6 Kilowatts
Peak Power 380/460 Volts:16.1/22.2 Kilowatts

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