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Description:  The Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394C-SJT05-A is a Servo (Axis) Amplifier with Filtering (EMI) and Enhanced Terminations, a 23.8 Kilowatt Output Rating, 530-680 DC Input Voltage, and a 35 A Amperage.

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About 1394C-SJT05-A

The 1394C-SJT05-A  is an analog servo system. It offers a digital servo drive system with a traditional +10 Volts DC analog interface. It also may be used as a torque and velocity control system and quickly commissioned with the Allen Bradley universal bulletin 1201 HIM (human interface module). This human interface module permits access to auto-tuning and starts up prompting. The analog system also provides a scan port interface as a standard feature.
The availability of the system modules is with a rating of 5, 10, and 22 kiloWatts (at 460 Volts). It houses the system control PCB and converts 360 to 480 Volts AC. It has a three-phase DC link voltage of 50/60 Hertz input power to a 530-680 Volts DC link voltage. There is an internal shunt resistor in both the 5 and 10 kiloWatt modules. This module has an internal shunt resistor with a 200-Watt continuous rating and peak rating of 40,000 Watts. An external shunt module is required for the 22 kiloWatt system modules.
Ensure a specified amount of the cable insulation and a braided shield are removed from the feedback cable. The cable wire and the exposed braided shield clamp should be placed accordingly, and the clamp screw tightened. Then thread the bracket screw into the bottom of the system module and tighten.
The 1394C-SJT05-A supports standard GMC and GMC Turbo CNC interface, servos and analog servo configuration with a standard array of hardware. It can adjust the velocity and current loop compensation digitally, which offers a wide range of systems. The module's dimensions are 13.8 x 11.0 x 5.91 inches (350 x 280 x 150 millimeters) and it weighs 23.5 pounds (10.68 kilograms).

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1394C-SJT05-A
Product Line:Servo Controller
Module Type:Servo (Axis) Amplifier
Output Rating:23.8 Kilowatt
DC Input Voltage:530-680
Amperage:35 A
Series Enhancements:Filtering (EMI) and Enhanced Terminations
Heat Sink Options:Inside Cabinet Heatsink
Weight:23.5 lbs (10.68 kg)
Dimensions:13.8 x 11.0 x 5.91 in (350 x 280 x 150 mm)

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