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Description:  The Allen-Bradley Servo Controller 1394SJT08CRL is a System with Terminations, Filtering (EMI), and Smart Power Series Enhancements, GMC Turbo- IMC S Class, a 22 Kilowatt Power Rating, and a 360-480AC Volts Input Voltage.

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About 1394SJT08CRL

The Allen-Bradley 1394SJT08CRL servo controller is part of the modular multi-axis 1934 motion control and drive system family. This automation product line has no Series C enhancements, but it has a unique design that makes it ideal for system integration. It provides direct line connection, eliminating the need for an added transformer or inductor for most applications.

The three-phase 1394SJT08CRL module has an input voltage of 360 to 480 Volts AC at 50 to 60 Hertz and comes with an RIO and AxisLink. Its input is designed to have protection from phase losses, transient (MOV) voltage, and ground faults. It features an efficient IGBT power conversion and advanced I/O and communications capabilities.  With an IMC S Class integrated motion controller, this device can support 4 axes and 4 auxiliary encoder inputs. Mount the 1394SJT08CRL vertically in a dry and clean enclosure (with a minimum IP55 protection rating). To meet CE requirements, a power line filter should be installed between the system module input and the three-phase input line. This three-phase input wiring should run along a path grounded to the enclosure. Maintain clearances for module access, airflow, and proper cable bend radius. For optimal performance and product life, the ambient temperature of the installation area must not exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius).

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1394SJT08CRL
Product Line:Servo Controller
Module Type:System
Power Rating:22 Kilowatt
Input Phase:3 Phase
Series Enhancements:Terminations, Filtering (EMI), and Smart Power
Factory-Installed Options:GMC Turbo- IMC S Class
Input Voltage:50-60 Hertz
Input Voltage:360-480AC Volts

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