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Description:   The Eaton JGS3175FAG Molded Case Circuit Breaker has a JG Frame and 35 kA @ 480V. The module operates with 3 Pole(s) and 175 Amps.

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About JGS3175FAG

The Eaton Cutler-Hammer JGS3175FAG Series G Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker is a factory-assembled Frame JG circuit breaker with a fixed thermal trip unit and an adjustable magnetic trip unit. It is used for protecting conductors and connected electrical appliances from short-circuits and line current overloads. It provides instantaneous trip action by using the magnetic trip unit which is field-adjustable at up to 10 times the nominal breaker rating in order to suit a wide range of applications, and like all Series G breakers, it has internal accessories and components which are field installable for enhanced performance. The JGS3175FAG has a continuous current rating of 175 Amps, and it is suitable for applications with a maximum line voltage of 600 Volts AC or 250 Volts DC. It has interrupting capacities of 35 kAIC at 480 Volts AC and 85 kAIC at 240 Volts AC, and it can be used to protect appliances like motors and motor starters.

The JGS3175FAG has load and line side pressure terminals, with a multi-wire connector that is used for distributing a load to multiple connected devices without the use of separate distribution terminal blocks, and it has metric rated mounting hardware for easy field installation. It has a fixed thermal trip unit made of a current heated bimetal strip which provides trip action in the event of a prolonged overload, and it also has an adjustable magnetic trip unit which provides instantaneous trip action if the circuit current exceeds the designated value. The JGS3175FAG has is pre-calibrated for use at an ambient limit of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), and within this ambient temperature limit, it is 80% rated. The JGS3175FAG has an approximate weight of 2.7 kilograms and has net shipping dimensions of 104.9 x 177.8 x 90.7 millimeters.

Technical specifications:

Part Number/Catalog No.:JGS3175FAG
Product Type:Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Interrupting Capacity:35 kAIC at 480 Volts AC
Amps:175 Amps
Trip Unit:Fixed Adjustment
Terminations:Line/Load Standard
Maximum Rated Current:250 Amps
Auxiliary Circuits:690 Volts AC
Main Conducting Paths:8 kV
Maximum Switching Frequency:240 1/h
Weight:6 pounds
Dimensions (W x H x D):4.3 x 7 x 3.57 inches
Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 2-4 weeks AskGet Quote

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your JGS3175FAG. All of our repairs come with a 1 Year DO Supply Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process.

Please refer to the manual for more information about the JGS3175FAG such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

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