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We are only interested in buying Allen Bradley products inside the USA, please do not submit a list of products if they are not inside the USA.

DO Supply Inc Purchasing Information

We Buy Surplus Automation Equipment!

At DO Supply Inc, we want to buy your surplus Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation and other industrial automation equipment. Please note we only buy Allen Bradley equipment located inside the USA.  We do not buy any Allen Bradley products from outside the USA so please do not submit them on site if they are not within the USA as we will not respond to your inquiry.  

Sell us your unused surplus or used Allen Bradley Parts and other automation equipment. We are interested in your surplus and no longer needed Allen Bradley PLCs, HMIs, and Drives.  We buy Allen Bradley, Eaton Cutler Hammer, and many more products. We offer competitve pricing and fast payment for industrial parts.  Submit a list of products you would like to sell and we will get back to you with an offer as soon as possible.


DO Supply Inc.

6305 Lake Wheeler Road

Raleigh, NC 27603


All surplus sales are handled through email.


Want to sell your surplus parts?

1. Fill out and submit this form

2. You'll receive an email back with an offer or additional questions

3. If you accept our offer, send your item(s) to DO Supply Inc.

4. Items will be analyzed to ensure that they are in the stated condition

5. Payment will be sent to you

Part Numbers:

Part Number Manufacturer Condition Quantity


We are especially looking for parts from the following series:

Panelview 300
SLC 150
Panelview 550
Panelview 600
Panelview 900
SLC 100
Panelview 1000
Panelview 1400
193x Boards
531x Boards
Panelview Plus 6
Servo Controllers
CPU Modules
Panelmate ePro
Panelmate 92**
Flex I/O 1794
MicroLogix 1761
MicroLogix 1763
Panelview 2711E
PowerFlex 40
PowerFlex 4
PV Plus 400
PV Plus 600
Kinetix 6000
Servo Drive 1398
HVX 9000 Drives
SVX 9000 Drives
Panelview 1200
Panelview 5500
Micro 800
Micro 810
Micro 820
Micro 830
Micro 850
Comm Modules
Monitor 6176M
Monitor 6186M
Plus 6180P
Plus 6181F
Display 6181H
Display 6182H
Computer 6155R
Computer 6177R
Computer 6181P
Display 6183H
Plus 6181P
1305 AC Drives
MicroLogix 1762
I/O 1791
AC Servo 1391
PowerFlex 400
PowerFlex 40P
PowerFlex 4M
PowerFlex 70
Point I/O 1734
1336 Adjustable
Pyramid Integrator
MicroLogix 1764
Panelview 800
Logic Modules
PV Plus 700
PV Plus 1000
PV Plus 1250
PV Plus 1500
Panelview Plus 7
IMC S Class
MPL Servo Motors
Display Modules
SMC Plus
PowerFlex 700
1326 Motors
PV Plus 6 Compact
1786 Repeaters
1336 PLUS II Drives
1336 Transistor Assembly
1336 PLUS Drives
1336 FORCE Drives
MicroLogix 1766
1336 PCB Boards
1336 Capacitors
1336 IMPACT Drives
1760 Pico Controllers
PowerFlex 525
PowerFlex 523
PowerFlex 527
PowerFlex 753
Microview 2707
Kinetix 3
Versaview CE Displays
6189 CE Logic Modules
1395 Drives
Kinetix 6500

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy used Allen Bradley Equipment?

Yes we buy both Surplus and Used automation equipment from several different manufacturers. However, we only buy Allen Bradley equipment inside the USA.  So please contact us today to sell used allen bradley surplus products.  

What type of Allen Bradley Surplus do you buy?

We buy surplus Allen-Bradley from storerooms, canceled projects, decommissioned systems, upgraded systems, and excess inventory.  So if you have surplus AB equipment please let us know!  

Where can I sell my obsolete allen bradley surplus equipment?

We buy used and obsolete automation equipment. Whether the item is a current product or has been obsolete for many years, we may be interested. 

How do I sell my surplus PLC equipment to DO Supply?

Simply submit a list of products you would like to sell us and we will contact you shortly and let you know if we are interested and what we can offer you. 

Do you only buy surplus PLCs?

While we are a surplus plc buyer, we also buy Allen Bradley VFDs, servo drives, servo motors, HMI Panelviews, Versaviews, and Eaton Panelmates as well as many other products.

Who buys Allen Bradley or AB Surplus products?

We do! We want to buy your Allen Bradley, Eaton Cutler Hammer Surplus items.  

Can I get credit for my defective Allen Bradley equipment?

Yes, we often can offer exchange credit for your defective or non working Allen Bradley and other automation equipment. Our exchange credit is normally between 5-15% when buying a refurbished unit.