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Safety First! : Surface Mount vs. Through Hole – When to Use and Where

The printed circuit board (PCB) invention ushered in a radical change in electrical and electronic technology. This success has led to the continued improvement of many devices and smaller and even miniature profiles for others. It has also resulted in entirely new classes of products across almost every industry. And it isn’t easy to imagine…

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PLCs Vs. Microcontrollers – Which Should I Use?

So, can a microcontroller be used in place of a PLC? The answer is in a very narrow set of circumstances, such as straightforward control requirements in a low duty environment, then the answer is yes. However, the differences above highlight that PLCs are designed for industrial and high-volume service applications that require safety, redundancy, ease of programming, and a host of other features that microcontrollers cannot provide.

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Hardware Comparison: PanelView Plus 7 Standard vs. Performance

As smart factories, facilities and cities continue to grow, so does the need for improved visualization and functionality in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).   By bringing that visualization down to the operator and technician level at the machine level, machine state, error messaging, real-time running conditions, and other information can be graphically displayed to assist in…

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