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Hardware Comparison: Allen-Bradley vs Siemens PLCS

The Allen-Bradley Logix family of controllers is considered the most popular programmable logic controller family in the US.  It consists of numerous variants but for this comparison we will look at the ControlLogix, CompactLogix and MicroLogix PLCs. By comparison, Siemens is much more common in Europe where their extensive line of PLCs are used in…

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CompactLogix Comparison

Hardware Comparison: CompactLogix Selection Guide

The CompactLogix line currently comes in a much larger range of options than the ControlLogix. Because of its popularity and the wide range of applications it can serve, there are several legacy versions of the CompactLogix that are still (and will continue to be) supported by the manufacturer. Currently, Allen Bradley offers three families of CompactLogix controllers, the 1768, 1769, and 5069 families.

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CompactLogix, ControlLogix, GuardLogix

Hardware Comparison: CompactLogix, ControlLogix and GuardLogix

With the current trend in machine safety being moving towards integrated control and safety functions, Allen Bradley (like most other major suppliers) offers two versions of its main control platforms, the Logix line of controllers. Based on application size and complexity, facilities will use either the CompactLogix or ControlLogix controller platforms for control. Adding safety…

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Hardware Comparison: SLC 500 Controllers vs. CompactLogix L5370/80

In this post, we compare the SLC-500 family to the preferred migration product family, the CompactLogix processor.
When Allen-Bradley released the CompactLogix 5380 controller it boasted significant performance improvements (+20% capacity and 5-20x faster scan times) over previous CompactLogix models. This performance is orders of magnitudes faster and more capable than the SLC-500 platform. For an in-depth comparison, we will compare system architecture, memory, scan time, I/O capability and power connections.

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