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What’s the Difference? – Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) vs. Soft Starter

VFDs and Soft starter have commonality in features however, VFDs offer more functions compared to Soft starters, particularly continuous modulation of Speed and Torque. Though VFDs may be capable of implementing more complex task, this doesn’t mean that VFDs are always the ideal option. Selection highly depends on the suitability and adherence to the selection factors mentioned in this article.

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Variable Frequency Drives vs Variable Speed Drives

The use of motors in modern society is staggering.  It is estimated that motor systems alone account for as much as 47% of the world’s electricity usage.  Further, within manufacturing environments, industrial motor systems account for 70% of all electricity used.  Intersecting this reality is the fact that as technology in the form of software,…

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Hardware Comparison: Kinetix 5500 vs. 5700 Servo Drives

The Kinetix 5500 and 5700 series servo drives offer innovative responses to automation and motion control needs for any system.  Combined with the right Kinetix VP servo motors, these systems optimize space and are easier and simpler to use.  Because they integrate motion control on EtherNet/IP, a dedicated motion network is not required.  This allows…

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