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S801 vs S811 Soft Starters

Both Eaton S801+ and Eaton S811+ industrial soft starters, products of Eaton’s electrical business are very compact and smart electronic devices to smoothly start three-phase induction motors. Both share many common features and are distinct slightly from each other. This article focuses on some of their major characteristics which could be related to their power…

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Eaton SVX and HVX Drives

No matter what industry you work in, you’ve almost certainly dealt with electrical components made by companies under the Eaton Corporation’s umbrella.  Generations of industrial power and controls professionals have turned to Eaton for solutions, and as the Eaton family of companies continues to grow, we find ourselves handling products that our predecessors trusted all the…

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SVX Industrial Variable Frequency Drives

Modern industries need extremely compact and energy efficient variable frequency drives which ensure future configurability as well. EATON has introduced a variety of variable or adjustable frequency drives that can be used for HVAC, industrial, waste, and water treatment plants, etc. so machines could perform as per requirements. EATON’s SVX series brings about a wide…

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