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The Basics of Reading PLC Panels and Wiring Diagrams

PLC Panel Overview  In industrial applications, an electrical panel is basically a service box that connects the main power line to an electrical device and distributes electric currents to various other circuits within the system. In an industrial setting, you don’t simply plug a PLC controller into a wall socket, instead, an electrical panel is…

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Parallel Resistance Calculator: What is Parallel Resistance and How is it Calculated?

Parallel Resistance Calculator Resistor 1 Ohms (Ω) Ohms (Ω) Resistor 2 Ohms (Ω) Ohms (Ω) Add Results Equivalent Resistance What is Parallel Resistance?  Resistance is defined as the measure of opposition to charge flow (current flow) in an electrical circuit. It is measured in ohms and symbolized by (Ω)-a Greek letter omega. Naturally, all materials…

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