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Hardware Comparison: PanelView Plus 7 Standard vs. Performance

As smart factories, facilities and cities continue to grow, so does the need for improved visualization and functionality in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).   By bringing that visualization down to the operator and technician level at the machine level, machine state, error messaging, real-time running conditions, and other information can be graphically displayed to assist in…

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What’s the Difference? – Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) vs. Soft Starter

VFDs and Soft starter have commonality in features however, VFDs offer more functions compared to Soft starters, particularly continuous modulation of Speed and Torque. Though VFDs may be capable of implementing more complex task, this doesn’t mean that VFDs are always the ideal option. Selection highly depends on the suitability and adherence to the selection factors mentioned in this article.

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Hardware Comparison: Micro800 Selection Guide

Continuing our article series on Programmable Logic Controller selection, we’ll look next at Rockwell Automation’s line of Allen-Bradley Micro800 PLCs.  These controllers are particularly well positioned to tackle basic single-machine control, offering a versatile range of form factor, expansion, and connectivity options.  Despite their modest cost and size, the Micro800 series is packed with advanced…

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