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Hardware Comparison: Allen Bradley VFD Selection Guide

Allen Bradley’s VFD solutions cover a wide range of sizes and applications for any control and automation needs through its PowerFlex® VFD family. The PowerFlex® family of drives is divided into low voltage and medium voltage solutions depending on size, scale and complexity of system requirements. Low voltage VFDs are divided into two categories, compact and architecture class.

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Hardware Comparison: MPL Servo Motor Selection Guide

Motion control sits at the heart of most manufacturing and warehousing applications.  With accurate motion control, system designers can create closed loop, efficient systems that optimize performance across a wide range of industries.  One common requirement for many systems is for low inertia servo motors. Depending on the final product or application, low inertia servo…

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What PanelView Do You Need? – Selection Guide

The PanelView family offers the above solutions and include all the hardware, software and communication needs built in.

The type of PanelView you select will depend upon the type of configuration or topology needed for your automation system. Linear (Bus), star, ring, and Device Level Ring (DLR) configurations are common and are built based on the level of complexity required.

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Hardware Comparison: MicroLogix 1500 Selection Guide

Like the other entrants in the MicroLogix series, the MicroLogix 1500 is small and can be expanded to fit a wide range of control and communication requirements. The MicroLogix 1500 uses RSLogix 500 software and can be edited online using EtherNet/IP. The 1500 is also expandable to 512 I/O points and is the most powerful in the MicroLogix family in terms of capabilities.

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