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Hardware Comparison: PanelView Plus 7 vs the PanelView 550

The PanelView 550 Standard Terminal HMIs have been in service for many years. Introduced by Allen Bradley to facilitate factory automation and provide real-time actionable data to users and technicians, the 550 Standard was a workhorse. The units were sturdy and reliable and were scalable across a wide range of applications. As automation capabilities have…

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What PanelView Do You Need? – Selection Guide

The PanelView family offers the above solutions and include all the hardware, software and communication needs built in.

The type of PanelView you select will depend upon the type of configuration or topology needed for your automation system. Linear (Bus), star, ring, and Device Level Ring (DLR) configurations are common and are built based on the level of complexity required.

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A Guide to High-Speed Counters (HSC) used in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

A high-speed counter (HSC) is a functional capability within particular PLCs. HSCs count the frequency of the pulse of processes from systems with elements such as high-speed encoders.
Counters in PLCs are an obscure but critical part of all PLCs. They can be a software-defined, virtual entity having low-frequency inputs to process. In high-speed input cases, a hardware input module must be designed to ensure the control process’s proper operation to ensure the outputs’ accuracy and timely delivery.

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What’s the Difference Between Single- and Multi-Turn Encoders?

The position of a shaft within a machine can affect several concerns including safety, quality, volume and other variables.  To monitor and control information that can be obtained from the shaft position and rotation, encoders were devised to measure and control the data and motion of the machine along the shaft. There are two types…

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