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Hardware Comparison: MicroLogix 1400 Series Comparison and Selection Guide

As part of a family of small programmable logic controllers, the MicroLogix 1400 offers a step up with an expansion of capabilities over other members in this family. Built upon the successful capabilities of the MicroLogix 1100, the 1400 series offers many of the same features but with a more robust feature set on some functionalities including:

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Hardware Comparison: Micro800 vs. MicroLogix PLCs

Perhaps the biggest difference in the two families lies in their software. Both software platforms allow ladder programming logic and workflow programming. They also both have custom data types, CIP messaging and sample code.
However, the CCW software in the Micro 800 family also has function block diagram (FBD), structured text (ST), motion control, variable based addressing and controller saved comments. Whereas, RSLogix 500 does not.

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