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Hardware Comparison: MicroLogix 1400 Selection Guide

As the de facto standard for industrial programmable logic controllers, Rockwell Automation’s line of Allen-Bradley PLCs covers the full spectrum of application scales, from hobbyist to multi-site systems.  In this article, we’ll examine one of the most popular and cost-effective PLC options in Allen-Bradley’s catalog: the MicroLogix 1400 family.       MicroLogix Family Overview The MicroLogix…

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Hardware Comparison: MicroLogix 1400 Series Comparison and Selection Guide

As part of a family of small programmable logic controllers, the MicroLogix 1400 offers a step up with an expansion of capabilities over other members in this family. Built upon the successful capabilities of the MicroLogix 1100, the 1400 series offers many of the same features but with a more robust feature set on some functionalities including:

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