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PowerFlex 755 Parameter List and Uses

PowerFlex 755 is a variable-frequency AC drive designed by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation, for ease of integration, high motor control performance, advanced safety and application flexibility. This high-power drive (power rating of up to 1500kW) builds on the common user experience and application flexibility of PowerFlex 750-Series, providing heavy industries with an option for state-of -the-art power control.    It is well suited for a wide variety of applications ranging from simple variable torque and variable speed control in demanding industrial systems that require constant torque…

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PowerFlex 520 Series Adapter Card Selection Guide

For industrial motion and motor integration, AC and DC drives have become the standard control device of choice. Historically, drives have usually been installed with low-cost point wiring back to a PLC, but modern industrial performance expectations push for network-connected devices in both new and existing systems alike. Connecting a drive to a communication network…

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Hardware Comparison: Allen Bradley VFD Selection Guide

Allen Bradley’s VFD solutions cover a wide range of sizes and applications for any control and automation needs through its PowerFlex® VFD family. The PowerFlex® family of drives is divided into low voltage and medium voltage solutions depending on size, scale and complexity of system requirements. Low voltage VFDs are divided into two categories, compact and architecture class.

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