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Hardware Comparison: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 vs the Emerson GE RX3i

The GE Fanuc Series 90-30 has
long been a workhorse PLC for GE automation control systems.
Introduced in 1991, the 90-30 series has been a popular choice for
industrial control professionals because of its versatility and
By contrast, the RX3i CPU Programmable Automation Controller by GE
Automation represents the move toward a more comprehensive view of
automation and one that both builds on the foundation laid by the
90-30 series while offering even more advanced features and

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Safety First! – MSR vs GSR Safety Relays – Hardware Comparison

In today’s manufacturing environments, few companies can remain competitive without extensive industrial automation.  Automation speeds processes, reduces errors, allows for precision manufacturing and ensures factory level control and maintenance over the system of production.  It also reduces operator fatigue by eliminating manual tasks thus improving quality. Just as important as the automation functions are the…

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Survey Finds Rapid Global Adoption of Robotic Process Automation

Deloitte, a private UK company made up of a collection of international firms, has released the results of their 2017 Global Robotics Survey, for which they surveyed 400 professionals representing a panorama of industries across the globe. The aim of this third annual call for responses was to gather information about the growing trend of…

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