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Allen-Bradley Communication Types and Protocols

As automation continues to grow in manufacturing, new communication protocols will emerge. But many of the ones listed here have been in service for decades and have adapted and evolved into powerful systems fully capable of managing the communication between complex devices in an equally complex environment. The key to any communication protocol will be the assessment of individual needs that include current system constraints, future growth, and the emergence of new and even faster devices communication needs.

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What is the Future of Automated Manufacturing?

Manufacturers have traditionally been at the forefront of technological developments, adopting new practices and technologies to cut down production times, costs, and waste since the early 1900’s. Recent developments in AI, machine learning, connection to the IoT, and blockchain, are already being incorporated into manufacturing businesses. Smart manufacturing is becoming more and more common as…

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Tech Titans Have Differing Perspectives on AI’s Future – Part I of an Exploration in AI

There is a much-hyped debate between two of the world’s most notable tech entrepreneurs, centered on the risks inherent in the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This highly publicized row involves the dueling perspectives of Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, and Elon Musk, most notably co-founder and Chief Executive Officer…

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Blockchain: What is it and where will it take us?

For many, blockchain is synonymous with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, although blockchain technology is the basis for cryptocurrencies, it has many more applications than digital currency. Some have stated that blockchain has created the’ internet of value’ while others tout it as the one thing that will change the way we transact with each…

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