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What’s the Difference? – Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) vs. Soft Starter

VFDs and Soft starter have commonality in features however, VFDs offer more functions compared to Soft starters, particularly continuous modulation of Speed and Torque. Though VFDs may be capable of implementing more complex task, this doesn’t mean that VFDs are always the ideal option. Selection highly depends on the suitability and adherence to the selection factors mentioned in this article.

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Hardware Comparison: MPL Servo Motor Selection Guide

Motion control sits at the heart of most manufacturing and warehousing applications.  With accurate motion control, system designers can create closed loop, efficient systems that optimize performance across a wide range of industries.  One common requirement for many systems is for low inertia servo motors. Depending on the final product or application, low inertia servo…

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What’s the Difference Between Single- and Multi-Turn Encoders?

The position of a shaft within a machine can affect several concerns including safety, quality, volume and other variables.  To monitor and control information that can be obtained from the shaft position and rotation, encoders were devised to measure and control the data and motion of the machine along the shaft. There are two types…

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