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380-480V AC, Three-Phase Drives (50/60 Hz, No Filter)1.5 kW,2 Hp ,4 A, IP20, NEMA/UL Type Open

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About 22B-D4P0N104

The Allen-Bradley 22B-D4P0N104 is the easy-to-use, compact solution to low-speed torque demands. It is a 3-phase, 480 Volts 50 to 60 Hertz input product that is part of the PowerFlex 40 adjustable frequency AC drive series. This IP20, NEMA/UL Type Open drive comes with a 1.5 kW (2.0 Horsepower) power rating and a 4.0 Amps output current. With simple programming, it can be installed and configured to provide performance-enhancing motor control. The 22B-D4P0N104 drive has functions that simplify control schemes and reduce hardware design costs. The relay-controlled timer function activates with a programmed “Timer Start” input.

The counter function is another output activated by a programmed digital input. The basic logic function performs Boolean logic and the step logic function allows the drive to work as an independent position controller using preset settings for specific acceleration/deceleration, direction, and speed. The sensorless vector control feature makes the 22B-D4P0N104 a high-performing drive. This provides high levels of torque for excellent speed and current regulation, linear acceleration, and digital input response time and repeatability. At 100% load, the motor operates at a synchronous speed and its Autotune provides a method for setting the flux current and IR voltage drop which affect the sensorless vector performance.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:22B-D4P0N104
Product Line:Powerflex 40
Product Type:Drive
Voltage:480 Volts AC
Enclosure:Panel Mount - IP20, NEMA/UL Type Open
HP:2 Horsepower
Amperage:4.0 A
Phase:3 Phase
Filter:No CE Compliant Filter
Input Type:Keypad


Question: What is the frame size of the 22B-D4P0N104?

Answer: The 22B-D4P0N104 Drive has a B frame size. 


Question: What fuse type is recommended for 22B-D4P0N104?

Answer: UL Class J, CC, T or Type BS88; 600V or equivalent are recommended fuse types for 22B-D4P0N104.


Question: What circuit breakers are recommended for 22B-D4P0N104?

Answer: A HMCP circuit breaker or equivalent is recommended for 22B-D4P0N104.


Question: Can this module be purchased with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, the 22B-D4P0N104 comes with a free one-year warranty from DO Supply, Inc.


Question: What are this module’s communication options?

Answer: The 22B-D4P0N104 uses RS-485 communication.


Question: Where can I send the 22B-D4P0N104 to be repaired?

Answer: DO Supply, Inc. offers a variety of repair services for the 22B-D4P0N104.

Please refer to the manual for more information about the 22B-D4P0N104 such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

Revision Part # Also Known as Availability
22B-D4P0N104 Ser A
22B-D4P0N104/A, Series A, Rev A Request Quote

Common misspellings: 22BD4P0N104