What is the Difference Between a Siemens PLC and an Allen Bradley PLC?

When it comes to the PLCs, Siemens and Allen Bradley represent two behemoths. The PLCs from these companies are regarded as some of the best available, especially because of their price-to-performance ratio. Back in 1968, PLCs were still in development when the company by the name Hydramatic issued a request to replace the hard-wired relay systems. Those systems were robust and since they contained a lot of mechanical parts, the system was all but perfect.

The first Programmable Logic Controller was developed by Bedford Associates, accompanied by Dick Morley, who is, to many people, the father of the PLC. Since then, companies like Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, and Mitsubishi started manufacturing PLCs. Continue reading “What is the Difference Between a Siemens PLC and an Allen Bradley PLC?”

Diferencias entre los lenguajes de programación PLC

Hay diferentes métodos de programación para un procesador Control Logix, que se mencionan a continuación en orden, desde el más al menos común:

  • Lógica de Escalera (Ladder) (el más común, preferido)
  • Diagrama de bloque de función
  • Gráficos de funciones secuenciales
  • Texto estructurado

En este tutorial, repasaré los diferentes métodos y describiré cómo funcionan. Es de esperar que las diferencias entre los métodos de programación sean claras. Continue reading “Diferencias entre los lenguajes de programación PLC”

Everything You Need for Basic Allen Bradley PLC Troubleshooting

What are PLCs and why do they need troubleshooting?

We are truly living in the machine age. Machines were invented and are being used because they are more efficient, more accurate, and require far less idle time in comparison with humans. These machines and devices, although designed to be rugged and tough, do break down occasionally. They also need regular maintenance for their smooth operation.

Programmable Logic Controllers are one category of industrial electronic devices. These are basically industrial computers that are used to control and automate industrial machines and processes. These controllers are specially designed to be rugged and tolerant towards dust, heat, shock, and vibrations. Despite their ruggedness, these controllers do get their fair share of issues and problems every once in a while. In this article, we will take a deeper look into the troubleshooting of PLCs from Allen Bradley. Continue reading “Everything You Need for Basic Allen Bradley PLC Troubleshooting”