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Using Legacy PLCs in Integrated Architecture Builder

What is Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB)? Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) is a graphical software sales tool for configuring Logix-based automation systems.It allows to validate the performance of the network and includes a list of materials with cost, graphics and customized reports. IAB can be used to configure Logix-based automation systems (which include the PlantPAx process…

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Analog I/O Troubleshooting

4-20mA Loop basics Every 4-20mA current loop consists of the same basic components: A power source, a transmitter (flow meter, level sensor, etc.) and one or more passive devices (PLC input, analog meter, etc.) wired in series as part of the loop.  The power supply (typically 24VDC) provides the power for the loop, the transmitter…

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Tutorial: How to Install and Register EDS Files in RSLinx

What is an EDS File? Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) files are text files with *.eds extension that detail the parameters and configuration necessary for a particular device or device interface.  EDS files are used by communication-based software such as RSLinx or RSNetworx to identify the device.  The EDS file is provided by the vendor/manufacturer of…

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