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Panelview 800 and Panelview Component

Hardware Comparison: Panelview 800 vs. Panelview Component

The Allen Bradley Panelview 800 family is the generational replacement for the Panelview Component family. As of July 2018, the Panelview Component family was discontinued and no longer from sale from the manufacturer, with the Panelview 800 as a functional replacement. For those applications currently using Panelview Component HMI’s, this comparison will help determine which…

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CompactLogix, ControlLogix, GuardLogix

Hardware Comparison: CompactLogix, ControlLogix and GuardLogix

With the current trend in machine safety being moving towards integrated control and safety functions, Allen Bradley (like most other major suppliers) offers two versions of its main control platforms, the Logix line of controllers. Based on application size and complexity, facilities will use either the CompactLogix or ControlLogix controller platforms for control. Adding safety…

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