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Revisions: Ser A

Description:  Allen Bradley CompactLogix ControlNet Processor, 750 Kilobyte capacity of memory CPU Module

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About 1769-L32C

The Allen-Bradley 1769-L32C Modular CompactLogix Controller is a member of the Logix controller series. It provides a small, powerful, and cost-effective system. This module includes RSLogix 5000 programming software, 750 KB of available user memory, and an optional nonvolatile memory. The 1769-L32C has 1 ControlNet port and 1 RS-232 serial port (DF1 or ASCII). The maximum number of expansion I/O modules is 16. This module also has a replaceable battery. The power dissipation of the 1769-L32C logic module is 4.21 W. The current draw at 5 Volts DC and the current draw at 24 Volts DC of this module are 650 mA and 40 mA respectively. The 1769-L32C weighs 3.2 kilograms.


The 1769-L32C logic module supports 100 connections and can save and restore user applications in the CompactFlash memory. This module offers powerful control, communication, and I / O elements in one distributed control package. The 1769-L32C has multiple controllers in a single chassis. This module can run many tasks to schedule and prioritize program implementation based on certain criteria. A single task can run up to 32 separate programs, each with an executable routine. Each task in the 1769-L32C has a priority level that determines the tasks that will be executed when many need to be done. Remember that tasks with the highest priority interfere with all tasks with lower priority.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1769-L32C
Product Line:CompactLogix
Module Type:Processor Module
Memory:750 KB
Shipping Weight:2 pounds
Shipping Dimensions:8 x 8 x 5 inches
Series:A and B
Wire Type:Copper-90 degrees Celsius
Wire Size (Solid):22-14 AWG
Wire Size (Stranded):22-16 AWG

Please refer to the manual for more information about the 1769-L32C such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

Revision Part # Also Known as Availability
1769-L32C Ser A
1769-L32C/A, Series A, Rev A Request Quote

Common misspellings: 1769L32C