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The Allen-Bradley 1794-AENT Flex I/O Ethernet/IP Adapter has a 8 Modules I/O Capacity, a 10/100 Mbps Communication Rate, and a 19.2-31.2V DC Input Voltage Range . It also operates with a 550mA max. Power Consumption and a None(open-style) Enclosure Type Rating.

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About 1794-AENT

The Allen-Bradley 1794-AENT is a FLEX I/O dual-port Ethernet/IP redundant media adapter module. Eight I/O modules can be supported by this adapter module. It has a current load of 450 mA at a 24 Volts power supply and the nominal power supply input voltage is 24 Volts DC. A 10 to 100 Mbps communication rate is present with this module. The operating voltage range of the 1794-AENT is from 19.2 to 31.2 Volts DC, including an AC ripple of 5%. Its maximum Flexbus output current is 640 mA and its maximum power consumptions are 550 mA and 440 mA at 24 Volts DC. The 1794-AENT module also has a maximum power dissipation of 7.3 W at 19.2 Volts DC and a thermal dissipation of 24.9 BTU/hour at 19.2 Volts DC. This module has a red/green module status indicator, a red/green network status indicator, and a green link status indicator. It has an open-type enclosure that can be mounted using a DIN rail mount and it uses RJ-45 category 5 cables. The entire 1794-AENT module measures 3.4 x 3.7 x 2.7 inches.

It is highly recommended that you use a zinc-plated yellow-chromate steel DIN rail mount to ground this module to the chassis ground. Using DIN rail mounts made up of other materials that are at risk of corrosion or oxidation can result in improper and intermittent grounding. This module can also be mounted on a wall. The 1794-AENT adapter module connects Ethernet/IP-enabled controllers, like CompactLogix and ControlLogix controllers, to FLEX I/O. Among the terminal base units compatible with it are the 1794-TB3G and the 1794-TB3GS units. Make sure to use a power supply that is compliant with the Protected Extra Low Voltage (PELV) or Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) to comply with the CE Low Voltage Directive (LVD). When on an Ethernet network, the 1794-AENT module is recommended when your application requires internet/intranet connection, a built-in switch or high availability requirement, plant management (material handling), time-critical applications with no established schedule, configuration, data collection, and control on a high-speed, single network, and data sent regularly.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1794-AENT
Product Type:Flex I/O Ethernet/IP Adapter
I/O Capacity:8 Modules
Communication Rate:10/100 Mbps
Input Voltage Range :19.2 to 31.2 Volts DC
Nominal Input Voltage Rating:24 Volts DC
Power Consumption:550 mA maximum
Enclosure Type Rating:None (open-style)
Isolation Voltage:50 Volts Continuous
Flexbus Current:640 mA maximum
Power Dissipation:7.3W at 19.2 Volts DC maximum
Thermal Dissipation:24.9 BTU/hour at 19.2 Volts DC


Question: How many I/O modules can the 1794-AENT support?

Answer: The 1794-AENT can support 8 I/O.


Question: What is the 1794-AENT's voltage range?

Answer: The 1794-AENT's voltage 19.2 to 31.2 Volts DC.


Question: What is the 1794-AENT's power dissipation?

Answer: The 1794-AENT's power dissipation is 7.3 W.


Question: What kind of enclosure does the 1794-AENT have?

Answer: The 1794-AENT has an open enclosure.


Question: What is the 1794-AENT's communication rate?

Answer: The 1794-AENT's communication rate is 10 to 100 Mbps.


Question: What is the 1794-AENT's maximum output current?

Answer: The maximum 1794-AENT's output current is 640 mA.

Please refer to the manual for more information about the 1794-AENT such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

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