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Description:   The Allen-Bradley 1794-AENTR Flex I/O Dual Port Ethernet/IP Adapter Module has a 8 Modules I/O Capacity, a 10/100 Mbps Communication Rate, and a 19.2-31.2V DC Input Voltage Range nom.. It also operates with a 18A for 2 ms Inrush Current and a None(open-style) Enclosure Type Rating.

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About 1794-AENTR

The Allen-Bradley 1794-AENTR is a Flex I/O dual-port EtherNet/IP redundant media adapter module. It can handle up to 8 I/O modules and has a communication rate of 10-100 Mbps. It comes with an inrush current of 18 A for 2 ms. It has a nominal input voltage of 24V DC and an input voltage range of 19.2-31.2V DC, which includes the 5% AC ripple. This module has a maximum power consumption of 500 mA and one of 400 mA at 24V DC and a maximum Flexbus output of 640 mA at 5V DC.

Ethernet adapter modules like the 1794-AENTR connect Ethernet/IP-enabled controllers like the ControlLogix and CompactLogix to Flex I/O. It comes with status indicators that allow you to monitor the conditions of the network (red/green), module (red/green), and both links (yellow/green). The isolation voltage of this module is continuous at 50V and is a basic isolation type. It has been type-tested from power to Flexbus and to Ethernet at 1000V AC for 60 seconds. It has a maximum power dissipation of 7.1 W at 19.2V DC and a thermal dissipation of 24.2 BTU/hr at 24V DC.

Installing and removing this module should not be done when it is powered on. The power source of this module should be Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) or Protected Extra Low Voltage (PELV) compliant to comply with the CE Low Voltage Directive (LVD). Mounting is done via a DIN rail mount. I/O configuration is done using the RSLogix 5000 software. No network scheduling and no routing tables are required for this module. The 1794-AENTR module can communicate with FLEX I/O modules within the same DIN rail. Note that you need to configure the IP address and optional gateway address and subnet mask before using this module. The entire module measures 3.4 x 3.7 x 2.7 inches.

This adapter is suitable for certain application requirements using an Ethernet network, such as data sent regularly, plant management, built-in switch or high availability requirement, configuration, data collection, and process control on a single, high-speed network, internet/intranet connections, and time-critical applications with no established schedule. It uses the Control and Information Protocol (CIP).

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1794-AENTR
Product Type:Flex I/O Dual Port Ethernet/IP Adapter Module
I/O Capacity:8 Modules
Communication Rate:10/100 Mbps
Input Voltage Range nom.:19.2-31.2V DC
Input Voltage nom.:24V DC
Inrush Current:18A for 2 ms
Enclosure Type Rating:None(open-style)
Isolation Voltage:50V Continuous
Flexbus Current:640mA @ 5V DC max.
Power Dissipation:7.1W @ 19.2V DC max.
Thermal Dissipation:24.2 BTU/hr. @ 24V DC

Please refer to the manual for more information about the 1794-AENTR such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

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1794-AENTR Ser A
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