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Description:  Allen Bradley-REMOTE I/O ADAPTER W/24V DC POWER SUPPLY 1794-ASB PLC

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Technical Specifications:

Part Number:1794-ASB
Function:Remote IO Adapter
Voltage:24V DC
Module Capacity:8 Modules
Mountable:DIN Rail
Controller Platform:FlexLogix
Diagnostic Inidcators:Status

About 1794-ASB

The Allen-Bradley 1794-ASB is an obsolete Adapter Module is part of the FLEX I/O series. Although, the 1794-ASB is discontinued, we continue to sell replacement 1794-ASB modules.

1794-ASB connects FLEX I/O modules to I/O scanner ports via a communication network. It can communicate to a maximum of 8 I/O modules, creating greater flexibility to meet your needs. 1794-ASB has a built-in power supply which converts 24V DC to 5V DC for the backplane in order to power the FLEX I/O modules. 

Standard, compact, complementary, standard-32, and complementary-32 modes of address are compatible with 1794-ASB. Each mode allows the processor to receive different levels of information. 

The 1794-ASB adapter can also join an existing system or replace a previous unit. It also functions well with Allen Bradley PLC 3 and 5 series. Additionally, series E 1794-ASB can recognize the safe state data for the FLEX Integra analog modules, and it is capable of using of thirty-two point FLEX I/O units. The user must use a 1794-ASB Series D or later module when utilizing the FLEX Integra analog modules in the configuration of your setup.


Question: How many I/O Modules can a1794-ASB communicate with?

Answer: One of the Allen Bradley 1794-ASB adapters can communicate with up to 8 FLEX I/O modules. This module powers the internal logic for up to 8 I-O Flex modules.


Question: Is the 1794-ASB an active module?

Answer: No, this unit is obsolete/discontinued however we currently have replacement 1794-ASB available.


Question: What series of 1794-ASB are there?

Answer: There are Series A, B, C, D, and Series E adapter modules.


Question: What is the 1794-ASB communication rate?

Answer: The 1794-ASB communication rates are 57.6 Kbps, 115.2 Kpbs, and 230.4 Kpbs.


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