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Description:   The Allen-Bradley 1794-IT8 Flex I/O Thermocouple Input Analog Module has 8 Channels Inputs, a -76.5-76.5mV Nominal Input Ranges, and a 16 bits Resolution. It also operates with a -60db @ 60Hz Normal Mode Noise Rejection and a 0-2.62Hz Channel Bandwidth.

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About 1794-IT8

The Allen-Bradley 1794-IT8 is a FLEX Thermocouple I/O module with 8 differential-ended, non-isolated, millivolt inputs available and a power/status indicator. It is a cost-effective, high-speed, and accurate module that measures temperature/mV and accepts 2-, 3-, and 4-wire RTD inputs, mV source inputs, and thermocouple inputs. Compatible terminal base units for this module are the 1794-TB3T, 1794-TB3S, 1794-TB3, 1794-TB2, 1794-TB3SK, 1794-TB3K, 1794-TB3TS, 1794-TB3TSK, and the 1794-TB3TK. It can support grounded and ungrounded thermocouples. Note that this module ships with two cold junction compensators.

The 1794-IT8 has a nominal input range of -7.65 to 7.65 mV, voltage specifications of 24 Volts DC (nominal), 19.2 to 31.2 Volts DC for ambient temperatures less than 40 degrees Celsius and includes a 5% AC ripple. It also has a maximum voltage of 24 Volts DC at 55 degrees Celsius, a current certification of 140 mA, and a voltage certification of 24 Volts DC. It has a resolution of 16 bits, a normal mode rejection ratio of -60 dB at 60 Hertz, a common mode input range of +/-10 Volts, and a common mode rejection ratio of -115 dB at 60 Hertz and 100 dB at 50 Hertz. The overvoltage capability of this module is 35 Volts DC and 25 Volts continuous AC at 25 degrees Celsius. Cold junction compensation for the 1794-IT8 ranges from 0 to 70 degrees Celsius. Its settling time is 100% of the final value available at the system throughput rate.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:1794-IT8
Product Type:Flex I/O Thermocouple Input Analog Module
Inputs:8 Channels
Nominal Input Ranges: -76.5-76.5mV
Resolution:16 bits
Isolation Voltage:850V DC
Normal Mode Noise Rejection: -60db @ 60Hz
Channel Bandwidth:0-2.62Hz
Normal Mode System Throughput:325 ms
Flexbus Current:20mA
Power Dissipation:3W @ 31.2V DC max.
Thermal Dissipation:10.2 BTU/hr. @ 31.2V DC max.


Question: What is the price of 1794-IT8?

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Question: How many indicators are on 1794-IT8?

Answer: 1794-IT8 has 1 red/green power status indicator.


Question: What is the resolution of 1794-IT8?

Answer: The resolution of 1794-IT8 is 16 bits. 

Please refer to the manual for more information about the 1794-IT8 such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

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1794-IT8 Ser A
1794-IT8/A, Series A, Rev A Request Quote

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