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1734-AENT Ser A, Series A, Rev A

Description:  The Allen-Bradley 1734-AENT is a POINT I/O Ethernet I/P communication adapter. This module provides Ethernet connectivity for sending and receiving POINT I/O module information to the master controller. This module has One (1) Ethernet interface, supporting 10/100 Mbits/s, half or full-duplex transmission rate supporting Linear, Star and Tree topology. It is powered by a 24 VDC supply Voltage and mounted to a DIN Rail.

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About 1734-AENT/A

The 1734-AENT Series A adapter module is an Ethernet/IP adapter module from the Point I/O adapter module series manufactured by Allen-Bradley. It provides connectivity to the Ethernet/IP network for Point I/O modules. The module is powered from the backplane by using the connector. It comes with an input voltage rating of 24 Volts DC. It comes with an inrush current of 6 Amps for 10 milliseconds. It uses a chassis that is a size 4 chassis and comes with an open enclosure. It is not water-resistant and it should be used for indoor applications only. The module is equipped with an RJ 45 Cat 5 connector. The input overvoltage protection of the module is reverse polarity checked. The module can perform under an isolation voltage of 50 Volts continuous. The maximum expansion I/O count is 63 modules with 31 direct connections. The 1734-AENT Series A adapter module can be mounted directly to the chassis by using a DIN rail.

The 1734-AENT Series A adapter module is assigned with an IP address via the standard DHCP tools. The 1734-AENT Series A adapter module does not require network scheduling. The module supports half-duplex and full-duplex 10 Mbit or 100 Mbit operation. This module serves as a bridge between the I/O module and the network. It has support for messaging data for configuration and programming information. The adapter module is equipped with a network status indicator which shows the network status and the POINTBus status of the module. The 1734-AENT Series A adapter module follows the common industry protocol. It produces messages to consuming devices. The module supports up to 8 modules per assembly for a maximum of 128 I/O. It has been certified with the CE-ATEX, C-Tick, MARINE, KCC, and CE standards.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Inrush Current:6 Amps
Module Type:Ethernet Adapter Module
Part Number/Catalog No.:1734-AENT
Product Family::1734 POINT I/O
Product Type::Communications
No. of Ports:1
I/O Module Capacity:63 modules
I/O Points, max.:504
Communication Rate:10/100 Mbits/s, half or full-duplex.
Supported Topologies:Star / Tree topologies
Indicators:3 red/green status indicators (on CPU): – Module status – Network status – POINTBus status 1 green status indicator on CPU: – Network activity 2 green power supply status indicators on DC-DC Converter: – System power (5V DC to POINTBus Out) – Field power (24V DC from Field In)
Topologies::Star, Tree
Field Side Power:400 milliamps
Power Consumption:10.4 W @ 28.8V DC
POINTBus Current:1000 milliamps
Power Dissipation:5.2 Watts (at 28.8 Volts)
Series:POINT I/O
Input Voltage Rating:24 Volts DC
Dimensions:30 x 2.16 x 5.25 inches
Enclosure Type:Open
Ethernet Connector:RJ-45, Category 5
Wire Size:3/64 inches insulation max
Chassis Size:4
Input Overvoltage Protection:Reverse Polarity Protected
Isolation Voltage:50 Volts (Continuous)
Maximum Expansion I/O Capacity:63 Modules, 31 Direct Connections
Mounting:DIN rail