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Description:  DTAM Plus series Message Display with 4 line, 20 character VFD and 24V DC input power with 40K memory.


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About 2707-L40P1R

The 2707-L40P1R DTAM Plus is a 4 line, 20-character LCD (Yellow LED) input Allen Bradley product. With 20 to 30 Volts DC of input power and a 40K memory, the 2707-L40P1R DTAM Plus has a display size of around 1.0 x 3.0 inches. The DTAM Plus features an ASCII input. Additionally, this module contains several remote I/O communication ports. Its enclosure is rated as NEMA Type 4, 12, 13, to be used indoors only.

The 2707-L40P1R display is ideal for multi-purpose use across a warehouse or factory floor for a broadband type communication network, especially with the additional ASCII input feature, which allows for smoother connection. This module includes an I/O port that is Remote, enabling the module to connect and interface with SLC and PLC products in Allen Bradley’s various controller series. All of the data files in either PLC or SLC systems can be viewed and reconsidered through the Point-Access function of the 2707-L40P1R DTAM module. The DTAM Micro permits for a more susceptible adjustment of data blocks due to its recipe-type purposes.

The DTAM Plus products including the 2707-L40P1R have a 1.0 x 3.0 LCD (Yellow LED) display and 40K memory compatibility.

As a part of the DTAM Plus series, the 2707-L40P1R is professionally built to meet the requirements of the industry. This unit also comes with a well-built and powerful Printer Port, Real-Time Clock, and P1 Power Supply. The Printer Port functions for downloading and uploading firmware upgrades or application files. Both the backlight levels and the display’s contrast level can be balanced with the keypad’s tactile feedback keys, of which there are 25 in total. Yet, the keypad is created for hand operation only: applying or utilizing any other tool or object may impair the overlays or keys. The keys on the 2707-L40P1R keypad are intentionally color-coded: the blue keys are for operator responses and navigation, the light grey keys for numeric entry, and the dark grey keys are for display and format management.

Technical specifications:

Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2707-L40P1R
Product Line:DTAM Plus
Display Size:1.0 x 3.0
Display Color:LCD (Yellow LED)
Input Type:ASCII
Communication:Remote I/O
Input Power:20-30 V DC
Enclosure Type:NEMA Type 4, 12, 13 (indoor use only)
Line Count:4
Character Count:20


The Allen Bradley DTAM Plus refurbished displays are ideal for broadband communication over the factory and warehouse floor. It features a Remote I/O port which allows it to interface with Allen-Bradley PLC and SLC controller product lines. The Point-Access Function provides a way to monitor and revise data files in SLC or PLC controllers.The DTAM Micro allows for easy modification of data blocks with its recipe type functions. It also has a 1.0 x 3.0 LCD (Yellow LED) Display and a 40K memory capatability.

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Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 2707-L40P1R. All of our repairs come with a 1 Year Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process.

Common misspellings: 27O7-L40P1R