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Description:  DTAM Micro series Message Display with 2 line, 20 character VFD and 24V DC input power with 244-screen memory.

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2707-M485P3 Product Details

The 2707-M485P3 module is a high-performance micro operator interface display, used to monitor and manipulate process data on the plant floor. The DTAM micro operator interface is a panel mounted device that can be easily mounted anywhere to monitor the process data. The front panel has a height of 5.4 inches and a 6.9-inch width. The back dimensions of the device are 3.9 inches in height, 5.4 inches in width, and 1.8 inches in depth.  Its power and interface connections are given on the back side of the panel. The 2707-M485P3 DTAM device has a weight of 1.0 pounds. The front panel of the 2707-M485P3 has a 20 character display screen, an LED indicator, and 26 feedback keys.

It supports 50 screens including data display, recipe, data entry and alarm screens. Operators can use the recipe functions to modify the blocks of data. Flexible keys are given to navigate between the display screens and control screen. The DTAM micro can store maximum 240 application screens. The applications screens are developed and linked together to provide a logical flow of displays. Menu prompts are given to guide the user to follow the programming steps.

The 2707-M485P3 comes with both RS-232 and RS-485 ports. A user can choose the DTAM micro with any of the two ports. The RS-232 port allows the user to make a point to point connection with a PLC -5 or an SLC 5/03. The RS- 485 port offers a DH-485 point to point or network capability with the SLC 5000 controllers’ family. It can be connected to a computer using the RS-232 port. The 2707-M485P3 DTAM device requires an operating voltage between 18 to 30 Volts DC and an input current of 200 mA at maximum.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2707-M485P3
Product Line:DTAM Micro
Display Size:1.0 x 3.0
Display Color:LCD (Yellow-green LED backlight)
Input Type:ASCII
Input Power:18-30 V DC
Enclosure Type:NEMA Type 4, 12, 13 (indoor use only)
Line Count:2
Character Count:20

The DTAM Micro is ideal for monitoring and controlling process data on the factory and warehouse floor. It features an RS-485 port which allows it to interface with a PLC-5 (over RS-422), SLC processors, and DH485 devices. The Point-Access Function provides a way to monitor and revise data files in SLC or PLC controllers.The DTAM Micro allows for easy modification of data blocks with its recipe type functions. It’s eight function keys make triggering and switching screen displays simple and convenient. Its memory allows for up to 244 screens!

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Common misspellings: 27O7-M485P3