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Description:  DTAM Plus series Message Display with 4 line, 20 character VFD and 24V DC input power with 40K memory.


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About 2707-V40P1R

The 2707-V40P1R MicroView 2707 DTAM Plus Operator Interface by Allen-Bradley is an operator interface which interfaces with the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 and SLC500 Programmable controllers for easy and convenient monitoring and manipulating of process data from the plant floor. It offers 4 lines that can display 20 characters on a Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD), with up to 7.6m (25ft) viewing distance, and 10:1 contrast ratio. It also provides 2 contrast/brightness setting via its stainless-steel domed keypads with 340G of operational force and with about 1 million operational cycles. It has an input voltage range of 20-30V DC at 800mA maximum input current, and it provides circuit protection via a 1A fuse. The 2707-V40P1R also provides 500V AC voltage isolation between the communication port and printer port, and it communicates via a remote I/O port, with a 57.6K transmission speed over a distance of 2800m, or of 230.4K over a distance of 700m.

The 2707-V40P1R also has an RS-232 printer port with a maximum connection distance of 15m, and it comes with 40KB user memory for storage of the controller configuration information and user screen information, and it has a maximum screen capacity of 244 screens. The 2707-V40P1R comes with a real-time internal clock with time stamps for critical data, and it also has DIP Switches (SW1-SW6) with various integral functions. The device is designed with red, green, and yellow LED indicators, and is encased in an aluminum NEMA Type 4, 12, and 13-rated enclosure, and is designed for the flush mounting option. The 2707-V40P1R’s operating temperature range of 0-60o C (32-140o F) at 5-95% non-condensing relative humidity, and its storage temperature range is 20-85o C (-4-185 o F). It weighs approximately 0.95kg, with dimensions of 193.0mm x 139.7mm x 59.7mm, and it has CE, UL, and CSA-certification.

Technical specifications:

Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2707-V40P1R
Product Line:DTAM Plus
Display Size:1.3 x 3.9
Display Color:Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
Input Type:ASCII
Communication:Remote I/O
Input Power:20-30 V DC
Enclosure Type:NEMA Type 4, 12, 13 (indoor use only)
Line Count:4
Character Count:20


The Allen Bradley DTAM Plus refurbished displays are ideal for broadband communication over the factory and warehouse floor. It features a Remote I/O port which allows it to interface with Allen-Bradley PLC and SLC controller product lines. The Point-Access Function provides a way to monitor and revise data files in SLC or PLC controllers.The DTAM Micro allows for easy modification of data blocks with its recipe type functions. It also has a 1.3 x 3.9 Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Display and a 40K memory capatability.

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Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 2707-V40P1R. All of our repairs come with a 1 Year Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process.

Common misspellings: 27O7-V40P1R