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Description:  Touchscreen-ControlNet Communication and RS-232 Printer Port 10 in. Color Display

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2711-T10C15L1 Product Details

The 2711-T10C15L1 terminal by Allen-Bradley is part of the Panelview 1000 series of terminals and it is engineered for users who want to effectively interface with their machinery. Operators can easily input information and commands with the touchscreen. There is a sharp 10.1 inches multi-color display with clear graphics that make data easy to read and the machine easy to control. Each module features a durable NEMA Type 12/13 or 4X enclosure for protection in an industrial setting.

The 2711-T10C15L1 PanelView 1000 terminal runs on 24 Volts DC input power. Data, files, applications, and more can be stored in the 256 Kilobytes of memory that it has, and it is easy to navigate through the terminal’s data by using the 2711-ND3 PanelBuilder 32 software. There is also a Printer (RS-232) Port and ControlNet ports for adaptable communication and for connecting to other devices. The ControlNet Port lets the 2711-T10C15L1 connect to a PLC-5 or a ControlLogix Controller that has a 1756-CNB module. The RS-232 Port can connect to the RS-232 Serial Port of a computer for transferring data and applications.

Other notable features of the Allen-Bradley 2711-T10C15L1 PanelView 1000 terminal include power connection terminals for connecting the PanelView 1000 terminal to an external power supply, a nameplate with product information, a memory card slot for additional application memory, and a reset button in case the 2711-T10C15L1 needs to be restarted. There is also a sealing gasket for securing the front of the 2711-T10C15L1 terminal to an enclosure or a panel.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711-T10C15L1
Product Line:Panelview 1000
Display Size:10.1 in.
Display Color:Multi-Color
Input Type:Touchscreen
Communication:Printer (RS-232) Port and ControlNet
Input Power:24 Volts Direct Current
Memory:256 Kilobytes
Software:2711-ND3 PanelBuilder 32
Enclosure Type:NEMA Type 12/13 or 4X

Question: What is the input power of the 2711-T10C15L1?

Answer: The 2711-T10C15L1 runs on 24 Volts DC.


Question: What is the memory capacity of the 2711-T10C15L1?

Answer: The 2711-T10C15L1's memory capacity is 256 KB.


Question: What type of input does the 2711-T10C15L1 have?

Answer: The 2711-T10C15L1 has a touchscreen input.


Question: Does the 2711-T10C15L1 have an enclosure?

Answer: Yes, the 2711-T10C15L1 has a NEMA Type 12/13 or 4X enclosure.


Question: Does the 2711-T10C15L1 have color graphics?

Answer: Yes, the 2711-T10C15L1 has color graphics.


Question: What is the price of 2711-T10C15L1?

Answer: Submit a quote request, send us an email, or call 800-730-0292 for our best price

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Common misspellings: 2711-T10C15L1X